Please join our series of author webinars as we explore our innovative new general English course for adults, Roadmap. In each webinar, the authors focus on a different aspect of the course, show you how it's innovative, and how it can help you support your learners to progress successfully along their language journey.

Mapping the path to success: introducing Roadmap

Presented by co-author Damian Williams.

Learning English is a journey and the final destination is the ability to speak confidently and fluently. In this webinar I'll be introducing the various components that make up Roadmap, the new general English course from Pearson. This will involve an overview of the course and showing you how to use it to help your students on their journey to their final destination.

damian williams

Finding individual routes to learning in and out of the classroom

Presented by co-author Andrew Walkley.

In an ideal world we could all have one-to-one lessons with classes tailored to our needs, but the reality is that we have to fit disparate students into larger groups – albeit of roughly equivalent level. We then have to fit the same coursebook to the differing needs within different groups. In this webinar, I will explore the many ways Roadmap helps teachers to deal with this issue and how to make the most of these features.

andrew walkley

Developing learner confidence in speaking skills

Presented by co-author Lindsay Warwick.

A lack of confidence can have a negative impact on learning. In this webinar, we'll look at what that impact is and how we can try to avoid it by helping learners to make and recognize progress in their speaking skills.

lindsay warwick

Back to the future: planning for success

Presented by co-author Hugh Dellar.

In this webinar, I will be looking at the growing trend towards outcome-oriented teaching and how the communicative goals laid out in the Global Scale of English can help provide a framework for courses. We’ll look at the idea of backwards planning and see some examples of how starting with your final destination in mind helps you map out the grammar, vocabulary and functional language that will be of most use to students as they make their way forward.

hugh dellar

Developing, not testing, receptive skills

Presented by co-author Lindsay Warwick.

Typically, listening and reading texts are accompanied by comprehension questions which tend to test rather than develop a learners’ receptive skills. In this webinar, we’ll look at taking an approach to receptive skills lessons which better enables learners to develop their receptive skills rather than simply be tested in them.

lindsay warwick