Components & ISBNs


You will find 90-120 hours of teaching materials with a large variety of useful resources:

  • Language Banks offer additional grammar reference and practice. The content is clearly explained and presented in well-structured tables.
  • Photo banks offer great vocabulary practice supported by engaging visuals. Students better memorize when they can associate a word with an image.
  • Communications banks give you a lot of great ideas for role-plays and scenarios that you can assign to your students. It is a great opportunity to practice communications skills in a fun and playful way.
  • Lookback pages in every unit provide a summary, and review and practice of the key language covered in the lesson.
  • Audioscripts of each class audio allow your students to do a quick self-checks and to learn how to spell the words.
Speakout 1e Students' Book cover


Title ISBN      
Student’s Book w/ DVD & ActiveBook  9781408291818
Student’s Book w/ DVD & ActiveBook w/ MyEnglishLab  9781408276099
Student’s eText 9781447941965
Teachers Book  9781408216903
Workbook w/ Audio CD (w/ key)  9781408259535
Workbook w/ Audio CD (no key) 9781408259528
ActiveTeach     9781408216842
Class CD    9781408216835