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Millions of children around the world have learned English using BACKPACK! Based on the tried and proven methodology, this course is a communicative program based on cross-curricular content and task based activities. With a robust teacher resource and assessment program, teachers love teaching English with Backpack.

Backpack is the proven seven-level course for young learners of English that offers a communicative program based on cross-curricular content and task-based activities. The new edition of Backpack incorporates the latest trends and up-to-the-minute technology.

  • 7-level course for primary school students
  • For 5 to 12 year-olds
  • Takes students from CEF A1 to B1

What is Backpack?

We listened to teachers around the world and designed Backpack to meet your teaching needs! It has a complete range of teaching tools and gives students a fun learning experience while teaching things that help them to be good social citizens.

The Teacher’s Edition helps busy teachers to teach great classes. You will love the 5-step lesson plans for each unit of the Student Book which give detailed instructions on what to do before, during, and after each lesson. The Teacher’s Edition is your personal teaching assistant.

Looking for more tools to use in the classroom? How about the Teacher’s Resource book – full of activities and fun ideas that students will love.

ExamView helps you to whip up customized tests, targeted to the needs and progress of your class.

Students want to express their ideas on paper, but it’s not always easy in a new language they are learning. Backpack 2e has a strong focus on spelling, grammar, and writing to help them become better writers.

Learning English is important for children but they also need to learn life-lessons. Backpack 2e has a values lesson in each unit, teaching students what’s right or wrong, and helping them become a better person.

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Why choose Backpack?

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Improve communication skills

Backpack's four-skills approach with solid grammar practice and a variety of pairwork and group work activties teaches real communication.


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Incorporate a variety of content

Backpack has content lessons in each unit where students learn about other subjects such as science, math and social studies using English. You can also choose to use the Backpack Content Readers which supplement the theme of every unit with extra activities.

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Extra teaching resources

The Teacher's Edition has a step-by-step guide on how to teach each lesson. For ambitious kids, use the extra activities and classroom ideas in the Teacher's Resource Book. ExamView can help you customize tests by mixing and matching question-types.

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Maintain student engagement

Packed with songs, games and projects, and a rich variety of reading genres, students won't have time to get bored. There is a great mix of activities that have your class moving around. Or how about watching video clips and assign extra activities on the CD-ROM?

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