English Land makes learning English a magical experience! Familiar Disney characters help create a fantastic world of discovery and adventure in the classroom that truly motivates your students to learn.

  • Each unit begins with age-appropriate characters presenting new words and sentence patterns in an attractive scene
  • Vocabulary is presented in manageable amounts helping students to become confident with new words 
  • Target sentence patterns and vocabulary are presented in structured practice activities 
  • Students use target language in personalization activiites at the end of each unit 
  • Complete phonics program covers all 4 skills

American English 

6 Levels: Suitable for 6 to 12 year olds

Authors: Mari Nakamura and Akiko Seino

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Course Components

Teacher's Book

The student book is in full color with lots of attractive artwork. Disney characters are set in real-life situations to help students relate to the topics and keep them motivated at the same time.

Student Book

Combining Disney characters and real life situations keep students interested and motivated to learn. The student books are in full color with lots of attractive artwork encouragaing students to link themselves with what they learn on the topics.

Teacher/Phonic Cards

Phonic picture and word cards allow students to practice reading and matching skills. Phonics sound keys are highlighted.

Teacher Cards feature all productive vocabulary presented in the student book. Instructions for using these cards for vocabulary and grammar practice are found in the teacher's guide. Each pack includes additional game ideas. 

Test Generator

The test generator enables you to quickly creat test papers for your students. Over 2000 questions, covering all the language taught in English Land levels 1-6 are contained in one CD.

Tests focus on vocabulary, grammar and phonics and illustraitons are provided where necessary.

Audio CD/Cassette

The student book CD is designed to teach your students vocabulary, grammar, songs and chants. Expect your students to sing along! Cassettes are also available.


Narrated clips from featured Disney movies add another dimension to your students' learning. Games and activities build on the vocabulary and structures practiced in class.

Activity Book

Each page of the activity book corresponds to the student book. Activities provide opportunites for students to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. 

It comes with a free CD containing tracks of all listening activities as well as songs, and chants.