From first steps to last... language improves in leaps and bounds!

Next Move guides teenage students on their language learning journey with a carefully structured, multi-level approach. Following a guided path in 21st century learning, this course thoroughly prepares teenage students to make their next move – inspiring them to reach for new heights.

  • A four-level course
  • For secondary students
  • Covering CEFR levels from A1 to B1 
  • Elementary to Intermediate

How does Next Move make teaching easier for you?

Mixed-level and mixed-ability classes

  • Graded exercises in the workbooks allow you to assess how individual students are progressing
  • Project tasks stimulate the high achievers and include those that require more support without demotivating them
  • Keep your fast finishers engaged with the Next Move Brain Trainer activities
  • Personalise the learning process by providing reports on individual students with MyEnglishLab
  • A guided inductive approach to grammar develops students’ learning skills
  • The Learning Styles Test in the Teacher’s Book helps you establish how your students learn best.
mixed ability classes
engaged students

Keep students engaged

  • Use MyEnglishLab and let them practise English online
  • “Heads-up” teaching with ActiveTeach software engages all types of learners 
  • Interactive exercises make language practice more fun
  • Everyone likes things when they want and where they want. Learning is no different and with MyEnglishLab students can do exactly that

Check the progress of students

  • Extensive tests for two groups (A&B - so no cheating!)
  • Tests in 2 versions: easier and more challenging
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Tests for every unit
  • Tests consolidating the material covered in every 3 units
  • End of year test
  • Tests and GradeBook + reports within MyEnglishLab
student progress

21st Century Learning

Preparing your students to be able to function and be successful in the contemporary world is a big deal. We get this and that’s why we have developed the first course for teenagers fully wrapped around the concept of 21st Century Learning and Teaching.

Authors Carolyn Barraclough and Katherine Stannett answer your questions in our 21st Century Learning video series.

21st Century Skills

Teenage ELT students today not only have to learn English to keep up with the globalised world, but also need to build skills and knowledge to set them up for success in the ever-changing environment.

21st Century Content

What topics do you think are relevant to students in the 21st Century World and how should you teach them? Author Katherine Stannett answers these questions in the 2nd of our 21st Century Learning video series.

21st Century Tools

How effective are the tools you use to deliver 21st Century Learning? In the third of our video series author Carolyn Barraclough talks about using 21st Century Tools in the ELT classroom.

21st Century Context

In the final video of the series, Carolyn Barraclough talks about the importance of the environment in which learning takes place and how to present information to students.

How does Next Move help me bring 21st Century Learning into the classroom?

Skills: Tasks, like the Brain Trainer, develop logical and critical thinking and problems solving skills. Interpersonal and communication skills are developed with the Class Discussion activities. My Assessment Profile and Real World Profiles help you develop those self-directional skills.

Context: Use the culture features and chatrooms to bring the world into the classroom, and ‘almost’ take your students out into the world. Almost!

Content: Next Move has a huge range of CLIL lessons including Maths File, Biology File, Arts File and the Technology File. Lots to keep them engaged and to help you deliver great content!

Tools: Next Move has a range of tools for you to deliver all of this, whether it’s for classic or 100% digital classrooms. Have a look at ‘What is Next Move’ to see more about each tool. To name but a few…

Interested in ordering Next Move?

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