Consultants: Brian Abbs and Ingrid Freebairn

Ingrid and Brian are well-known and widely-traveled writers of popular, best-selling Pearson-Longman courses for teaching English as a Foreign Language. These multi-level classroom materials include the ground-breaking course Strategies, as well as Discoveries, Flying Start, Blueprint, Splash, Snapshot and Sky.

Throughout their teaching and writing career, Ingrid and Brian have always vigorously championed the communicative approach to teaching and learning, and this has been the driving force behind all their materials and international work in teacher training.

Erika Stiles

I’m Erika. I started teaching English on summer courses in the UK before I’d left university. I’ve always loved language: learning, teaching and sharing cultural knowledge. I went on to teach and study in France, Italy and Greece and do a Masters in Applied Linguistics. I began working in EFL publishing in Greece after almost a decade in classrooms. Now, I write course books and supplementary materials for all levels, but mostly young teens.

Tamzin Thompson

I’m Tamzin. I’m from the UK, but I now live in Athens, Greece (because it’s much sunnier there). I moved to Greece as soon as I graduated from university (in 1997) to teach English in a private language school in Agrinio. I later moved to Athens to work for an ELT publishing company, but I continued to teach English to private students. These days, I work from home, writing ELT books.

David Todd

I'm David. I'm originally from the UK, but now live in California in the USA. I started teaching right out of university and had some great adventures teaching in the Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy, before moving back to the UK to work in ELT publishing. I work mostly on primary and secondary books, which I enjoy greatly - young learners were always my favorite.

Sandy Zervas

Hi, I’m Sandy. I spent 15 years as an EFL teacher and director of studies for language schools before discovering that I loved writing for EFL. I have authored, co-authored and adapted a number of books for the Grammar Time, Wonderland, GrammarLand and Wonderkids series. I've also translated children’s books from Greek into English.