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Based on 600 upper secondary students’ final exam scores in Poland, those who used MyEnglishLab scored an average of 89% against a national average of 68%

Pearson MyEnglishLab Efficacy Study, October 2013.

my english lab

MyEnglishLab makes assigning tasks to classes easier. Assign online tasks to a whole class, a small group or individuals and give them feedback on their work.

my english lab

MyEnglishLab automatically grades exercises, and immediately gives feedback to help students improve their performance.

my english lab

MyEnglishLab gives you diagnostic tools to see how students are progressing and the common errors they make so you can focus on resolving them.

Wish you had more time to focus on your communicative lessons?
MyEnglishLab provides enriched learning online, with activities that are instantly graded and correlated to your Choices course. This frees up your time (no more marking—it’s all done automatically!) so now you can decide what to concentrate on during class time and use your time more effectively.

Wish you could support your students even when they’re doing homework?
The tips and hints in MyEnglishLab direct students to reference material that will help them complete exercises and provide learning opportunities by encouraging students to work out the answers for themselves.

my english lab

Now you can offer each one of students the special attention you want them to have...
When your students use MyEnglishLab for online practice, you instantly get access to a wide range of useful diagnostic tools. Automated Common Error reports (for individual students or the whole class) and instant feedback on all activities plus model answers will help you focus on the real needs of your students.

Make your Today class stand out from the rest
MyEnglishlab gives you the flexibility to assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students to help them reach their goals effectively.