Supporting students with dyslexia

Dyslexia affects learning a foreign language as well as literacy in a first language. Dyslexic students need additional support to help them learn English. Today! gives teachers the support they need to shape learning around individual students with:

  • Teaching tips in the Teacher’s Book
  • Dyslexia workshops on the Teacher’s eText disc
  • Adapted tests for dyslexic students
  • Videos and animations which help students relate sounds to written language

Teacher Training: Dyslexia Learners in the EFL Classroom

Watch a series of videos below of DysTEFL experts sharing their knowledge and tips for working with dyslexic students. DysTEFL won a 2014 ELTon from the British Council for Excellence in Course Innovation for ‘an innovative professional development programme’.

Part 1: Effect of dyslexia on Foreign Language Learning

Part 2: Accommodating Dyslexic Learners

Part 3: Role of Information Technology

Part 4: Developing Phonological and Orthographic Awareness