Hey There! does the simple things exceptionally well

Hey There! is a four-level English language course for teenagers.

The course ensures a successful classroom through:

  • Ongoing self-assessment to monitor student progress.
  • Topics and research activities that connect the classroom to real life.
  • Cross-curricular topics that link English to other content areas.
  • Readings on various cultures.
  • Practical writing rules that students immediately apply.
  • Final task activities that personalize and extend learning outside the classroom.
  • A variety of fun activities, games, and puzzles.
  • Engaging project-based song activities.
    A comprehensive grammar reference section for self-study.
  • Interactive student CD-ROMs.

Plus complete teacher support:

  • Comprehensive Teachers’ Editions include a CD-ROM with printable activities and worksheets.
  • Teacher’s Resource Bank
  • Complete assessment program
  • Mixed-ability worksheets
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Hey There! offers a wide variety of materials designed to support teachers:

  • Student Book: contains a Welcome unit and eight regular units. A bound-in grammar reference complements the grammar in each unit, provides additional grammar rules and offers detailed explanation of the grammar presented in each unit. (Split Edition Student Book with Workbook and Bound-in Audio CD & CD ROM is also available).
  • Workbook with Audio CD: provide additional practice and reinforcement of language concepts and skills through a variety of exercises. Each workbook also includes an end of unit self-assessment, vocabulary notes, grammar notes, audioscript and track guide. A bound-in Audio CD contains all recorded material.
  • Class Audio CDs: contains Student Book Audio CDs (2) with all the recorded material and a Workbook Audio CD (1). Audio CDs include Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, and Speaking models.
  • CD-ROM: offers additional activities for the various reading, grammar, and vocabulary points for every level of Hey There!
  • Teacher’s Edition with Bound-in CD-ROM and Posters: The interleaved Teacher’s Edition provides step-by-step teaching procedures and useful teaching tips as well as extension activities. A bound-in CD-ROM in each Teacher’s Edition offers a resource bank of additional practice, mixed-ability worksheets, and a complete assessment program. Each Teacher’s Edition also includes 2 posters: Poster 1 in each level shows a map of English-speaking countries. Poster 2 presents key grammar structures to complement the student book.
  • DVDs: DVD 1 for Levels 1 and 2 presents the story of a mysterious teenage girl. DVD 2 for Levels 3 and 4 offer a collection of mini-documentaries of life in the United States.
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  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student Book 0-13-135830-8 0-13-604289-9 0-13-813814-1 0-13-604315-1
Workbook  w/ Audio CD 0-13-604323-2 0-13-604294-5 0-13-813820-6 0-13-604320-8
Class Audio CD 0-13-500335-0 0-13-604291-0 0-13-813818-4 0-13-604317-8
Student CD-ROM 0-13-604321-6 0-13-604292-9 0-13-813819-2 0-13-604318-6
Teacher's Edition w/CD-ROM & Posters 0-13-813793-5 0-13-604293-7 0-13-813815-X 0-13-604319-4
DVDs with Teacher’s Notes & Worksheets (Levels 1 and 2) 0-13-208411-2 0-13-208411-2    

Split Editions

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student Book A w/Workbook, Audio CD & CD-ROM 0-13-207403-6 0-13-207405-2 0-13-207407-9
Student Book B w/Workbook, Audio CD & CD-ROM  0-13-207404-4 0-13-207406-0 0-13-207373-0
A + B Class Audio CDs 0-13-505812-0 0-13-505814-7 0-13-505815-5
A + B Student CD-ROM 0-13-505813-9 0-13-814045-6 0-13-814046-4
A + B Teacher’s Edition w/CD-ROM & Posters 0-13-207375-7 0-13-207377-3 0-13-207379-X

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