MyEnglishLab delivers your Pearson workbook content online.

You can use it to set homework or extra practice for your students, without the hassle of photocopying and correcting work, or use it in class with an interactive whiteboard. Some schools also enjoy having MyEnglishLab available in their computer labs for students to use in their free time.

There are 80,000 activities in MyEnglishLab

An online tool doesn't replace a teacher. You complete your face-to-face instruction at school, using your course's Teacher Notes to introduce new topics and ideas.

You could also try a flipped learning model - asking your students to complete their learning outside class. Find out more about flipped learning.

Students practise the content they have learned at school in an interactive environment, with instant feedback and tips to scaffold their learning.

Each activity is built into a lesson plan and helps students practise speaking, listening, reading and writing.

MyEnglishLab builds assessment into each activity, so you don't need to test students in order to monitor performance.

You can use the MyEnglishLab gradebook to see where students need improvement and personalise their learning journey. 

With a quick look at the gradebook or common error report, you can ensure your classes target students' weak areas. These reports show how your students are performing, so you don't need to guess about what they're finding difficult.