Ready for what's next in English language teaching

Whether you’re in tertiary education, a private language school, or a vocational one, you’ve probably had to adapt new ways of working in recent months, like incorporating online teaching into your practices or working with distance learners.

We’ve been speaking to teachers and working with specialists to support you, whatever your context, with the right tools and resources.

Courseware upgrades

We've made upgrades to our platforms and component packages. Take a look at what’s new for your course.

Ready for online and blended learning

Ready for online and blended learning

This year we are upgrading our digital components and platforms to support you in planning, managing and delivering your online classes, and ensure that your students get the most out of their course.

Check out new tools and methodology and specialist insights to support your online teaching.

Run your online classes straight from the Pearson English Portal

With Zoom integrated  the Portal, scheduling classes, sharing your screen and communicating with students is easy to manage – so you can focus on the teaching, not the tech.

We've upgraded our gradebook so you can monitor and share feedback on students’ progress online with more control and greater flexibility.  

The gradebook is available for all Pearson General English courses with Online Practice.​ 

Make sure your testing is tailor-made with the new Test Generator. Use the assessment package from your course to create and assign the tests your students need.

The Test Generator is currently available for Business Partner, Future, Roadmap and StartUp.

New Student’s interactive eBooks make it easier for students to learn outside class and for you to teach classes remotely. With all course content, activities, video and audio online, they’re mobile-friendly and available through the Pearson English Portal for:

Student’s eBooks, with access all course content, video and audio are also available for:

digital updates

Whether you’ve got plenty of experience teaching remotely or trying it for the first time, take a look at ideas, support and guidance from our specialists.

ESAP methodology is new... or is it?


Engage, Study, Activate, Practise: tried and trusted procedures have been brought into the online and blended classroom, so that you can adapt your teaching to your own context and the digital tools you have available. 


Teaching videos and guidelines

Get the most out of your Pearson General English course in an online environment with these new videos and guidelines:

Ready to bridge the gaps

Our recent teacher survey showed concerns around the impact of disruption to teaching earlier this year.

We understand you need to identify your students' skills and knowledge gaps and place new ones appropriately - and we can help.

Ready to bridge the gaps

Level Test

Our new Level Test helps identify your individual student and overall class levels in a 20-to-30-minute test. The test gives a clear idea of which level of our Pearson courses is best for each of your students, so you have a better understanding of which class is right for each of them. 

Benchmark Test

To help you identify knowledge gaps, track progress and target your teaching, try our quick, online Benchmark Test. It indicates overall level and abilities, and gives a detailed breakdown per skill. It also recommends activities to fill any skills gaps, mapped to your choice of course, including Roadmap, StartUp, Speakout, Top Notch, Summit, Cutting Edge, and Business Partner.

Versant English Placement Test

For tertiary institutions, the Versant English Placement Test is designed to help you identify the skills and needs of your learners embarking on further academic study. In just 50 minutes, you can evaluate a learner’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, whilst suggestions for improvement help guide learners to develop in their weaker areas. 

Both the Level and Benchmark tests are suited for use alongside Pearson Adult general and professional English courses, in the classroom or at home, wherever your students have access to the internet.

Ready to move forward

Ready to move forward

While your students continue to learn, why not develop your own professional skills? Courses from the Teacher Education and Leadership Academy are designed to help you face new challenges. 

Take a look at these fresh options for today's classroom: 

Ready together

Ready together

This social and emotional support is designed to help you through those first days. 

New ideas are introduced to create enriching experiences through learning and collaboration.