Ready for what's next in Secondary

Whether you're in a classroom, online or managing a mix of both, you'll need to bring your teenage learners together and get them back on board for a new school year.  

Take a look at methodology ideas from our specialists, and resources and digital enhancements designed to support a fresh start and new skills. 

And join the next season of Pearson and BBC Live Classes, a unique opportunity for you and your learners to be part of a global online community.

Secondary courseware upgrades

We've made upgrades to our platforms and component packages. Take a look at what’s new for your course.

Ready for online and blended learning

This year we are upgrading our digital components and platforms to support you in planning, managing and delivering your online classes, and ensure that your students get the most out of their course.

Check out new tools and methodology and specialist insights to support your online teaching.

Back to school

Run your online classes straight from the Pearson English Portal

With Zoom integrated within the Portal, scheduling your classes, sharing your screen and communicating with students is easy to manage – so you can focus on the teaching not the tech.

We've upgraded our gradebook so that you can monitor and share feedback on students’ progress online, with more control and greater flexibility.  

The gradebook is available for all Pearson General English courses with Online Practice.​

Make sure your testing is tailor-made with the new Test Generator. Create the tests you know they need and assign them to your students. 
The Test Generator is currently available for Wider World British Edition, Wider World American Edition, Focus Second Edition, and High Note.

Back to school digital upgrades

ESAP methodology is new... or is it?

Engage, Study, Activate, Practise: tried and trusted procedures have been brought into the online and blended classroom, so that you can adapt your teaching to your own context and the digital tools you have available. 

Back to school

Browse resources from our team of specialists

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Ready to bridge the gaps

Are you looking for ways to keep on track, from the start and through the year, as well as provide extra suport to those students who need to catch up with the material before they move forward?

We have a few ideas to help you.

Gauge the class level and identify gaps with the Pearson English Benchmark Test.*

It'll help you to adapt your teaching to class needs. Use it to measure progress through the year so that you can pick up on issues as soon as they arise. 

Find out more about Pearson English Assessment.

Complement your course with the Pearson Secondary Academy

Help students catch up on key grammar they may have forgotten. Use videos and resources in the new Pearson Secondary Academy. 

Contact your local representative to find out more.

Secondary Academy

Get ready for Pearson & BBC Live Classes

We're coming back with this unique international project that brings language learning to life for teenage students around the world. 

Join our global community, with new lessons and schedules available for 2020/2021.

Ready to move forward

Ready to move forward

While your students continue to learn, why not develop your own professional skills? Courses from the Teacher Education and Leadership Academy are designed to help you face new challenges.

Take a look at these fresh options for today's classroom:  

Ready together

Ready together

This social and emotional support is designed to help you through those first days.

New ideas are introduced to create enriching experiences through learning and collaboration.