Caring for family and dealing with stress in the middle of a pandemic is challenging. Let us support you in encouraging your child or teenager to keep learning, whether they’re inside or outside the classroom. 

These ideas for self-study, and information about finding access to free resources online are designed to help everyone to stay calm, organised and motivated.  

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Do you need to get started with supporting online learning?

Twelve resources to support your child’s English-learning at home

The internet is full of resources to help kids learn and practice English but it can be difficult to know where to start looking and which sites you can trust.

These are some of our favorite ideas to keep young learners busy and entertained at home over the next few weeks.

Have you discovered the Pearson English Portal?

All Pearson English courses are accessed through the Pearson English Portal, the single access point for online and offline English teaching and learning resources. 

Pearson English Portal

Find out more about the Pearson English Portal with these easy-to-use tutorials.

Free course resources 

You can also access free student resources on the Pearson English Portal. Follow the on-screen instructions to access or setup a child account.


Some courses accessed via the portal are on the MyEnglishLab platform. Find out more about MyEnglishLab with these easy-to-use tutorials. 

Do you need free activities and support?

Explore free activities created by Pearson Education, including tools and advice to support learning at home, sample homeschool planners, reading and maths support, access to free eBooks and more.

Are you looking for tips to stay healthy?

Beyond studies, it’s also important to spend time focusing on health and wellbeing.

These blog posts offer great ideas to support de-stressing and help to manage time, organize learning and reduce anxiety.

Wellness: 6 tips for taking care of yourself during this stressful time

Right now many of us are juggling working in a new environment, becoming a teacher for our kids, caring for our family full time and dealing with the anxiety that comes from living in the middle of a pandemic.

Here are six tips based on the science of learning to help you get through this.

Feeling overwhelmed? How to reduce anxiety using to-do lists

Teacher, teacher trainer and ELT author Rachael Roberts outlines how you can reduce anxiety with well-managed to-do lists.

She goes into the psychology behind to-do lists and shows exactly how you can make the most of your own lists to get back on top of your priorities. 

In response to the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we would like to reassure the global ELT community.

Pearson teams around the world are doing everything possible to ensure that teaching, learning and exam preparation can continue during this period of uncertainty, following guidance from governments and local authorities in the markets in which we operate.

Please contact your local Pearson office for additional information.