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Business English Lesson Plan

Burberry rattled by investors


A mystery investor has built up a near 5 per cent in Burberry, prompting Britain’s best-known luxury fashion brand to seek help from its financial advisers to defend it against any potential takeover bid.

Business English Lesson Plan

HSBC stays put in the UK


A year ago, HSBC, the UK's largest bank, was talking seriously about moving its HQ from London back to Hong Kong. This article examines why it decided to stay put in London.


or even to other cities such as New York, Paris or Toronto. The bank was worried and annoyed by the increase of regulatory pressures on banks in the UK. However, one year on the bank has softened its stance and now seems certain to keep its HQ in London. This is partly due to its increased confidence that the conservative government will not increase regulations against the banks, and also to the changes in the political and economic climate in China.

Business English Lesson Plans

ALDI to create 5,000 UK jobs


Aldi is a German supermarket chain that is growing in the UK. The article looks at why it is successful and what it plans to do in the next few years.