Ready for what's next in Primary

Bring your young learners back together for the new school year with new digital resources and components, as well as tried and tested lessons, helpful resources for mixed groups and fresh activity ideas that children will love.

They've been designed by Pearson specialists to support you in traditional, blended and online environments, and promote a smooth transition back to school life for you and your students. 

Ready for online and blended learning

We're upgrading our digital components and platforms to support you in planning, managing and delivering your online classes, and ensure that your students get the most out of their course. 

Check out our new tools and methodology and specialist insights to support your online teaching.

Run your online classes straight from the Pearson English Portal 

With Zoom integrated within the Portal, scheduling your classes, sharing your screen and communicating with students is easy to manage – so you can focus on the teaching not the tech.

We've upgraded our gradebook so that you can monitor and share feedback on students’ progress online, with more control and greater flexibility. 

The gradebook is available for all Pearson Primary courses with Online Practice version.

This solution is available from October for: 

  • Poptropica English American English (levels: 2, 4, 6)  
  • Poptropica English British English (levels: 2, 4, 6)  
  • Poptropica English Islands British English (levels: 2, 4, 6)  
  • Team Together (levels: 2, 3, 4)  

Student’s interactive eBooks provide access to all course content, activities, video and audio online. They’re mobile friendly and available through the Pearson English Portal for: 

Student’s eBooks, with access to all course content, video and audio are also available for Big Fun, Let's Learn About the Earth, Poptropica British English, PopTropica English Islands and Team Together.

Back to school digital upgrades

ESAP methodology is new... or is it?

Engage, Study, Activate, Practise: tried and trusted procedures are brought into the online and blended classroom, so that you can adapt your teaching to your own context and the digital tools you have available.  

Experiences STEAM with Sarah Hillyard

Pearson English Experiences: it’s how we learn

If you’re interested in finding about the latest in methodologies, take a look at STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) with Sarah Hillyard.

STEAM activities stimulate the development of essential skills that meet the needs of life-long learners in a rapid-paced world. 

Ready to bridge the gaps

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Ready to bridge the gaps

The Primary English Diagnostic Test

This test helps you to understand if learners have gaps in their knowledge after a period of disrupted education. 

The tests are at two levels of difficulty: 

  • GSE 19 - 58, in American English
  • GSE 14 - 47, available in both American English and ritish English versions  

The tests cover GSE learning objectives and skills such as grammar, reading, writing, listening and vocabulary. 

These tests, available alongside your Pearson course, will be free of charge for a 6-month period. 

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Test Series
Primary English Diagnostic Test GSE 19-58 Now I Know!
New Cornerstone 
Primary English Diagnostic Test GSE 14-47 (American English)  English Code (American English)
Poptropica English American
Big English 2nd Edition (American English) 
Primary English Diagnostic Test GSE 14-47 (British English) Team Together
English Code (British English) 
Poptropica English Islands (British English)

The Pearson English Benchmark Test

You can use this test with any course, from the start and throughout the year.

It'll help you to adapt your teaching to class needs and pick up on issues as soon as they arise.  

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Pearson Primary and Pre-Primary Academies

Access our resources to help you revise and review, bridge learning gaps and extend existing knowledge. 

Primary academy

The Pearson Primary Academy is an online repository of materials that can be used alongside any Pearson course for young learners.

Organised by GSE range, it’s easy to find material at the right level to support your learners. 

PrePrimary academy

The Pearson Pre-Primary Academy is designed for your youngest learners.

Resources can be used by teachers at Pre-school or Kindergarten stage, or by parents who want to help their children develop language skills at home.

Ready to move forward

Ready to move forward

While your students continue to learn, why not develop your own professional skills? Courses from the Teacher Education and Leadership Academy are designed to help you face new challenges. 

Take a look at these fresh options for today's classroom:   

Ready together

Ready together

This social and emotional support is designed to support you and your learners during the first days and through the school year. 

Our Experiences series on Mindfulness with specialist Amy Malloy takes a look at the practicalities and barriers, with ideas, principles and a handy guide for you to bring mindfulness techniques to your classroom.   

In a school setting, mindfulness can help students regulate stress, develop their curiosity and learn to work together with others.

Primary courseware upgrades

We've made upgrades to our platforms and component packages. Take a look at what’s new for your course.