Versant: The smart, scalable language test

With 350 million tests scored, this is the only one you need for your organization.

Versant offers a complete English language testing solution, helping you recruit, train, and promote the right people for the job.

Our market-leading patented AI technology automatically scores speaking, listening, reading and writing tests securely, instantly - and without a trace of human bias.

We’ve been serving companies, recruiters and educational institutions for over 25 years. So how can we help your organization today?

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Find the right candidates, faster

  • Stop wasting time:
    Screen candidates more efficiently during the recruitment process. Save time and money on onboarding top people - and see a better return on investment.
  • No more unsatisfied customers:
    Benchmark and measure your team’s language progress skill by skill. Execute training that puts your team in the best position to serve customers in English.
  • Forget the frustration:
    Ensure your team can communicate and compete in the international arena. Versant gives you the tools you need to hire the best possible candidates.
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Communicating in English has never been more important

Download our Global Snapshot of English Proficiency report to learn more about the trends and proficiency levels in key offshoring destinations, including India and the Philippines.

Grow your organization with scalable and secure AI language testing

Hiring drives are tough. You need to be sure your candidates have the skills and English level to do the job. Versant makes testing of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English fast, accessible and secure.

So how do we do it?

Versant’s artificial intelligence engine has had the equivalent of thousands of hours of training. It bases its decisions on huge datasets of completed past test responses and their results. The automated scoring system can now mark tests more accurately than human examiners - and without any unconscious bias. It guarantees fair and consistent scores in every test we deliver.

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Testing 10,000 students annually is a massive undertaking, but the Versant testing system makes administering the test so efficient that we no longer worry about our ability to scale the effort.

Tony Cullen, the Executive General Manager for Marketing & Sales for Navitas

Benefits of automated, AI language testing

  • The only test that can automatically score speech
    Versant is the only test that can reliably and automatically score speech. With no manual reviews needed, your candidates can move through the hiring process faster.
  • Test candidates 24/7/365
    Every part of the test is taken online, via a mobile app or computer. Securely test candidates or staff wherever they are, whenever you want, all year round.
  • Scale your hiring
    That’s right, no more paper tests and no more marking. Versant offers you a truly scalable solution - allowing you to test as many candidates as you need.
  • Speed up the process
    Get instant results. There’s no hanging around with Versant, so you can pass candidates to the next stage in the hiring process, faster.
  • Make diversity and inclusion a priority
    Our patented AI technology shows no human bias to skew the results. Be sure of a fair and equitable test for your organization.
  • Trust the results with remote monitoring
    Versant + Remote Monitoring allows you to test candidates securely - even if they are at home. Our proprietary AI technology flags suspicious test-taker behavior. Read more about remote monitoring.

Find out how Versant can help your business.

Get the bigger picture

Your team needs to be proficient in English. Get a full report breaking down exactly how each candidate performs in each skill and be sure they meet all the language requirements needed for the job.

  • Speaking: Make sure new hires speak accurately and with a high degree of intelligibility when communicating with your clients and team.
  • Listening: Test your candidates listening comprehension and be sure they can cope in a dynamic environment.
  • Reading: Emails, reports, bulletins, briefs - make sure your candidates can comprehend a range of key business texts.
  • Writing: Test whether your candidates express themselves clearly in a range of styles and be sure they are the right fit for your team.

Test with a purpose


Hire professionals who have the spoken language skills you need for the jobs where speaking is important for clear communication.

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Ensure employees with management potential have the language proficiency to participate in leadership development and move up in the organization.

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Training and development

Benchmark the language levels of employees, teachers, and students to place them in training or academic programs, and measure progress after program completion.

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