“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin.

Every company wants to grow and succeed. We’re in the business of achieving that, consistently, by helping people do the same.

Pearson is listed on the London and New York stock exchanges (LSE: PSON; NYSE: PSO). In fact, Pearson is one of the few companies to have been a constituent of the FTSE100 ever since the index began in 1984. However, though the name has remained the same the company behind it has changed beyond all recognition.

There have been three main features to the changes. First, a corporate focus on ‘education in the broadest sense of the word’; a strategy of becoming the world’s leading learning company with heavy exposure to the growing global education market. Second, a transformation from book publisher to digital services company, to make our learning products both more effective for students, consumers and teachers and more commercially attractive. And third, a significant expansion into fast-growing developing economies including China, India, Africa and Brazil. 

We are a company that believes in – and has produced – consistent growth, steady efficiency gains and reliable dividends (through good times and bad). We also believe that education is an industry that both requires and rewards long-term investment in content, technology and new businesses.

That’s our strategy, and the only measure of its success is our results.

  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Operating cash flow (£ millions) 1,057 983 788 588 649
Adjusted EPS (pence) 77.5 86.5 84.2 70.1 66.7
Return on invested capital (%) 10.3 9.1 9.1 5.4 5.6
Dividend (pence per share) 38.7 42.0 45.0 48.0 51