Meet Members of the MePro Team

Alan Palau, Paul Seddon, and Gopinath Rangaswamy are part of the cross-functional team that worked to pilot MePro, a blended service solution for English Language learning, in Pearson’s Growth markets in 2018. When asked about what he is most proud of accomplishing in 2018, Alan says, “being part of a true global team and being able to deliver successful MePro pilots in Growth in five countries.” For him, “the visible relationship between the work we do and the impact we can have in people’s lives’” is the most exciting part of his role at Pearson.

MePro is unique in that it is an all-in-one service that supports the entire learning ecosystem
– parents, teachers, institutions, and most importantly, learners. That is because learning is a journey that students should not take alone. Learners have access to courseware and assessment that is linked to the Global Scale of English, plus remediation and stretch content for personalised learning.

According to Paul, their work plays a critical role in helping prepare learners for better jobs. “Our work helps learners identify where they are, what they can do to improve and how to see that
learning gains have been made and can be evidenced. With engaging tools like MePro, students are able to build their skills, chart their progress, and work toward making a difference in their lives. For each member of the MePro team, learning extends beyond the job; “Life learning is what keeps the mind open, active, and responsive,” notes Paul.

Gopinath adds, “To stay relevant to the changing job market, it is critical for learners to constantly upgrade their skills. Learning should never stop, it improves the self-confidence of an individual.” Through MePro, they hope to provide truly personal learning experiences that impact and empower teachers and learners around the world to keep learning so they can get better jobs and build better lives.