Online Program Management (OPM)

Jordan Davis is a sophomore at Maryville University studying cybersecurity. Like most of his college-age peers, he also has a job. It can be hard to balance schoolwork with the demands of a job.

Since OPM courses are delivered online, learners have the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where they need to, and faculty members are able to engage students in courses designed with rich content and robust learning activities.

Pearson helps institutions expand their educational reach through effective online program management solutions. By delivering online degree programs or extending the reach of existing online programs, students like Jordan have the opportunity to excel at school
and at work.

Pearson currently supports more than 40 academic partners and runs nearly 350 global programs with 400,000+ course registrations in 2018, to give learners more control over their education and help them get a better job and a better life.