Aida – the world’s first AI-inspired calculus app

The biggest economic revolution of our time is unfolding around us: the talent economy. Technology, AI and automation are shoving all of us off a one-track career.

The future of work is moving faster than any of us. The talent economy is the new patchwork of dream jobs, gigs, freelancing, and any other way we earn a living from what makes us unique. In this new talent-driven world, we’ll never catch up or leap ahead unless we redesign how people learn. Everything about our future hinges on this redesign of learning.

It’s no longer enough to sit in a classroom and soak in knowledge. Learning has to happen wherever you are, whenever you need it and across your lifetime – tuned to the skills for the job you do today and the job you don’t even know about yet.

Educators and schools always decided when and how people learned. Now, people are telling us how they want it done, personalised like the other content and products we all consume in a digital world.

But this is a bigger deal than the next film someone watches or an online purchase. If we want to get to the new internet, or the answer to climate change, we need more data analysts, engineers, doctors and scientists.

Ten years from now the US will have half a million more IT jobs. In 15 years, 5G will create almost 22m jobs globally. Think about that.

“Aida is a first in education. By using multiple types of AI to tutor students, we can teach them how to learn calculus and apply it in the real world.”

— Milena Marinova, SVP-AI Products & Solutions

We can’t even find workers for the 2.4m unfilled STEM jobs we have now and we’ll have to find more.

And, there’s a major, unseen barrier standing in the way. Calculus.

Almost all STEM fields require it and almost one-third of students drop or fail it. Just imagine a world where we could plug that leak in the STEM pipeline.

We have.

Meet Aida. The world’s first AI-enabled mobile calculus tutor. Aida is a first in education. By using multiple types of AI to tutor students, we can teach them how to learn calculus and apply it in the real world. Aida gives feedback tailored to everyone. Aida is designed based on evidence of the most effective ways to teach and learn calculus. It’s a highly personalised learning approach for a highly personalised world.

It’s not the only answer to the STEM shortage. But Aida is a new way to teach people how to learn, and ultimately how to adapt to this new economy. It’s about redesigning learning to create the economists, doctors, designers, coders and the new jobs we haven’t even dreamed up yet for the future of everything.

This is an example of how we are designing products to have an impact on key learning outcomes in STEM and promoting education to advance the UN SDGs as part of our 2030 Sustainability Strategy.