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Architecture and Engineering

These workers design and develop structures, products, and systems and collect information for mapping and other purposes.
Median annual salary: $79,840

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media

Workers in these occupations perform and oversee artistic and athletic ventures.
Median annual salary: $51,190

Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance

These workers ensure that structures and lands remain attractive, orderly, and safe.
Median annual salary: $30,240

Business and Financial Operations

In these occupations, workers are involved in day-to-day activities of running a business or with matters related to money
Median annual salary: $76,570

Community and Social Service

Workers in these occupations promote wellness to help people cope with or overcome challenges.
Median annual salary: $48,410

Computer and Mathematical

These workers create or support computer applications, systems, and networks.
Median annual salary: $97,540

Construction and Extraction

Workers in these occupations use a variety of resources to build and repair roads, homes, and other structures.
Median annual salary: $48,210

Educational Instruction and Library

These workers share information through instruction and distribution.
Median annual salary: $57,220

Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

Workers in this group tend and harvest renewable resources and manage forests and public parks.
Median annual salary: $29,860

Food Preparation and Serving Related

These workers make and provide food and drink to customers.
Median annual salary: $28,400

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Workers in these occupations help clients maintain and improve wellbeing.
Median annual salary: $75,040

Healthcare Support

Workers in these occupations help clients maintain and improve wellbeing.
Median annual salary: $29,880

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

These workers set up, take care of, and fix many types of goods and equipment.
Median annual salary: $47,940


Workers in this group interpret the law and support law-related activities.
Median annual salary: $82,430

Life, Physical, and Social Science

These workers use scientific research to help solve problems and expand knowledge.
Median annual salary: $72,740


Workers in these occupations establish plans and policies, direct business activities, and oversee people, products, and services.
Median annual salary: $102,450

Office and Administrative Support

In these occupations, workers prepare and organize documents, track products, and provide information to the public.
Median annual salary: $38,050

Personal Care and Service

This group includes workers who attend to clients' beauty, fitness, and other needs.
Median annual salary: $29,450


Workers in this group operate machines and other equipment to assemble goods or distribute energy.
Median annual salary: $37,710

Protective Service

This group includes workers who provide public safety.
Median annual salary: $46,590

Sales and Related

Workers in this group sell goods and services or connect buyers with sellers in a specific market, such as real estate or securities.
Median annual salary: $30,600

Transportation and Material Moving

Workers in these occupations move people and goods.
Median annual salary: $36,860