Gold Experience

The fast-paced exam course that motivates teenage learners to build language and skills for Cambridge English exams and beyond.

For adult learners British English Print and digital 8 levels GSE: 22-84 CEFR: A1-C1

About the course

A thoroughly engaging Cambridge exam teaching experience

Gold Experience encourages teenagers to learn about the world with various age-appropriate topics and activities using relatable content. Gold Experience offers a complete package of print and digital materials, which provide maximum flexibility for your teaching situation.

The course delivers fast-paced material to ensure teenagers stay energized with relevant content. Featuring online learning, perfect for engaging teenage learners, and all work is graded automatically, allowing teachers to focus on common errors and feed back on what matters.

All Gold Experience digital components are available through our digital learning platform, which is easy to access and use in one place. The comprehensive and well-balanced language syllabus features plenty of authentic audio and video content to help teenage students experience and practice real life English in context.

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Why choose Gold Experience?

Exam-focused content is built into a motivating learning journey

Features a mix of written, audio, video and digital content
Topics relevant to teenagers encourage engagement and communication

Free sample lesson

Experience an interactive Gold Experience lesson from the Pearson English Connect platform

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