Next Move

Guide teenage learners through a 21st century learning pathway and prepare them to make their next move in their studies and their lives with Next Move.

For secondary learners British English Print and digital 4 levels GSE: 22-52 CEFR: A1-B1

About the course

Inspire teenage learners to make their next move with a structured, multi-level approach to developing 21st century skills

Develop 21st century skills, keep learners engaged, personalize mixed-ability classes and stay on top of progress.

Next Move makes teaching in today’s challenging classroom easier and more with print and digital resources that empower teachers to make quick, effective choices. Stimulate fast finishers and high achievers with project tasks and extra activities while helping learners that need support with personalized guidance.

Engage learners, whatever their level with interactive exercises on MyEnglishLab. Plus, deliver assessments and report on them within the same platform, keeping everything in one place.

The course is built on 21st learning and teaching concepts that prepare learners for the real world. With CLIL content that creates context and a range of tools, teen learners can develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills and more to apply in any situation.

Why choose Next Move?

Personalize learning with individual reports in our digital platform
Monitor progress with a wide range of regular assessments
Support mixed ability classes with projects, activities and more classroom resources

Move It!

Prepare teens for the world with the dynamic, four-level American English course Move It! With content ideal for mixed-ability classes, teachers can use the print and digital content package to personalize their teaching for all different types of learning styles. Plus, get assessments to help monitor learners’ progress and save time planning with rich multimedia content. Built on a 21st century learning approach, the course contains content, topics and tools that teen learners love, to help them succeed and achieve better learning outcomes.

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Next Move is part of our Connected English Learning Program

Fast-track your learners' progress: 

  • Teach with Next Move
  • Assess with Benchmark Test
  • Certify with Pearson English International Certificate

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