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The Financial Times group, part of Pearson plc, the international media company, today announced the launch of , an agenda setting source of independent personal financial information and guidance on the web. The new site will capitalise on the rapidly growing personal finance market, with some 9 million people in Britain expected to make their personal finance decisions on-line within three years. aims to be an authoritative, incisive and genuinely independent guide to personal finance for a broad consumer audience. The site brings together some of Britain's leading personal finance journalists with an experienced commercial team that specialises in consumer personal finance. The site offers comprehensive guides to the market, in-depth product tables, interactive calculators and up-to-the minute news and comment on all money matters.

Commenting on the new site, Stephen Hill, chief executive of the Financial Times group, said: "The personal finance market opens up a another front for growing the FT's internet presence. We think there are many people in Britain who will welcome this injection of new energy and a fresh approach to personal finance, backed by the impartiality and objectivity of the Financial Times brand."

The site takes a consumer approach to personal finance, with step-by-step guides to the financial issues that people face at different stages in their lives - such as buying or moving house, getting married, having a baby, planning for their children's education or their own retirement. It enables users to make direct comparisons of personal finance products and providers - and make contact with them if they wish to do so. The site can be personalised with "to do" lists, daily news alerts by e-mail, a portfolio tool and a choice of different "paths", geared to an individual user's level of knowledge. More interaction, personalisation and features across a whole range of personal finance products will be added in the coming months. Marketing of the site will begin in the new year. The FT group expects to generate revenues from advertising and e-commerce opportunities.

Nic Cicutti, FTYourMoney's head of content, added: "This is the first personal finance site that is completely focused on people rather than products. We look at where you are in your life and what will work best for you. There's a huge market out there for a website that enables people to manage their money in an easy, comprehensive and fun way."

Notes provides independent personal finance information and guidance on the web. It is based around four key themes:

"Your Life and Your Opportunities"' - step-by-step guides to financial matters arising at different lifestages;

"Your Decisions" - helps to compare products and providers and make direct contact;

"My Money" - a personalised homepage to help you make your experience more relevant to you, using interactive features;

"The Newsroom" - up-to-the minute, breaking news on personal finance issues with commentary and in-depth analysis.

FTYourMoney (FTYM) will effectively replace FTQuicken. The new site goes further in meeting the needs of people in the UK for clear-cut guidance and help with their day-to-day money management. FTYM will build on the strengths of FTQuicken As many FTQuicken users as possible will be moved to FTYM, after which it will be discontinued.

FTYM is published by Financial Times Personal Finance, part of the Financial Times Group which also includes;

The Financial Times, Les Echos, France's leading business newspaper and Expansion, Spain's leading business newspaper. The FT Deutschland, a German language business newspaper will join this group when it's launched in 2000;, one of the world's premier international business information websites;

FT Asset Management, a leading source of specialist pricing, dividend, corporate action and asset management information to institutional investors - Pearson announced on 15 November plans to merge this business with Data Broadcasting Corporation, Pearson will hold a 60% stake in the new company;

Financial Times Business, which produces specialist information on energy and finance markets
FTSE International, a joint venture with the London Stock Exchange, which provides the professional investment community with the leading UK indices and, together with the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, publishes the Eurotop family of indices;

AFX news, a news agency jointly owned with Agence France-Presse, which is a global provider of real-time financial and business news;

A 50% stake in BDFM, publisher of South Africa's leading financial newspapers and website;

A 50% stake in The Economist group, which publishes the world's leading weekly business and current affairs journal.

The Financial Times Group is part of Pearson plc, the international media company, which also owns Pearson Education, the world's leading education company; Pearson Television, the world's leading international independent television production company; the Penguin Group, the world's most renowned English-language publisher. For more information about Pearson plc, go to

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