Knowzone 2.0 for Math Debuts

Headland Digital Media, Pearson's digital design company, announced the launch of KnowZone 2.0 for Math, an online tool that enables 3rd through 8th grade students, teachers, and parents to work together to prepare for state and standardized math tests. Students using Scott Foresman, Silver Burdett Ginn, and Prentice Hall math textbooks in the classroom can easily continue working on school assignments, practice exercises, and state standards tests on their home computer. Through an instantaneous reporting feature, parents and teachers can monitor a student's progress by reviewing the results of practice tests and interactive, educational games. Teachers have the additional option of viewing complete class summary reports for particular activities.

"KnowZone 2.0 is a pioneering online tool that supplements students' classwork and prepares them for standardized tests," says Rosemary Baker, Editorial Director of Educational Technology at Scott Foresman. "Until the KnowZone, no other publisher has so closely linked the skills taught in the textbooks with a dynamic, web-based learning system. Headland's technology not only made it possible, but did it in such a way that the site is engaging and fun."

For Scott Foresman, the KnowZone 2.0 for Math also provides the school-to-home outreach and technology components necessary to secure textbook adoptions in today's competitive market.

With KnowZone 2.0, Headland has set the standard for online textbook supplements, developing an innovative website that reinforces concepts learned in the classroom and promotes greater learning. Heather Steil, KnowZone Producer, Headland Digital Media, added, "The product was developed with the recognition that assessment and standardized tests are critical elements that will drive the success of new online publishing programs."

Located at the KnowZone 2.0 for Math is also available in Spanish.

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