Learning Network launches Earlylearner initiative

Internet's Largest Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Students to Focus New Attention on Early Childhood Education

Learning Network today demonstrated its strong support for early education by announcing the launch of a major initiative: Learning Network EarlyLearner. EarlyLearner is an innovative, Web-based curriculum and assessment system that places particular emphasis on supporting early childhood teachers and caregivers in fostering healthy children and families. It's the latest release from Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO), Learning Network's parent company, to serve this key education segment.

EarlyLearner enables teachers to be more effective in their classrooms with research-proven curriculum that dynamically connects a teacher's observations with tangible and practical strategies to use in each child's development. EarlyLearner allows public and private schools to address key educational issues head on such as staff development and accountability to state and federal standards, including Head Start Outcomes Framework requirements.
EarlyLearner connects parents to the classroom as well, by creating a single portfolio for each child that includes a running journal of the child's growth to which family and teachers alike can contribute. EarlyLearner is part of a broader Learning Network initiative that is kicking off this fall to serve parents of preschool-aged children through a dedicated area on its Web site (www.learningnetwork.com).

Learning Network's EarlyLearner curriculum and assessment system is built on a strong foundation of assets from two leading companies in early education High/ScopeÒ Educational Research Foundation and Teaching Strategies, Inc. and is delivered via a single, affordable, Internet-based technology application. The system is available with one of three content package editions: High/Scope, Creative Curriculum, or Customized.

l{The High/Scope edition is based upon 40 years of research by the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation. Designed for teachers and childcare providers of children ages 2 ½ through 6, the High/Scope package enables individualized planning and curriculum development through the application's customized portfolio system and online assessment and recommendation technology. It also provides communications links among teachers, parents, and/or caregivers. (A sample of the High/Scope edition can be found at http://www.earlylearner.net

l{The Creative Curriculum edition is the online assessment system based on The Creative Curriculum® Developmental Continuum, a valid and reliable assessment instrument for children ages 3 through 5, developed by Teaching Strategies, Inc. It allows preschool programs to seamlessly link curriculum, observation and assessment, child learning opportunities, parent involvement, and outcomes reporting in a single, secure interactive tool. (A sample of the Creative Curriculum edition can be found at http://www.creativecurriculum.net

l{The Customized edition allows users to combine assessment functionality from either the High/Scope or Creative Curriculum package with proprietary or other commercial systems.}

As the Bush administration's commitment to promote education moves forward and the number of children enrolled in early childhood education programs increases, we recognize that teachers need additional support. Learning Network is stepping up to meet instructional needs by providing technology and content that enables teachers to easily prepare classroom activities that are appropriate for each child based on his or her skill level and growth path, said Mark Nieker, president, Learning Network. Through our innovative system, a teacher can follow the child's unique progress, gain confidence in his or her ability to target the child's unique learning style, and then provide appropriate experiences that foster the child's individual development.

Learning Network currently has customers in all early childhood education segments, including Bright Horizons and Mulberry Childcare in the private market, Brockton Public Schools, and Head Start programs nationwide.

Clear, well illustrated, and filled with information and ideas, EarlyLearner has the power to help teachers and parents use observations to better understand a child's development and work together to provide the learning and caring environment that will help the child succeed in school and life, said Jim Greenman, senior vice president, Bright Horizons Family Solutions.

Learning Network is a part of Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO), the international media company. Learning Network EarlyLearner is working with Pearson Education on several of its early learning initiatives that provide caregivers, teachers, and parents with access to high-quality, research-based, online early learning tools. In addition to serving as a reseller of Pearson Education early learning content, EarlyLearner will integrate Pearson Education content into its own learning management system.



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