Peachpit Press and Apple Computer Team Up To Provide Digital Video and Audio Training

New series from Peachpit serves as the core curriculum for Apple Pro End-User certification program.

BERKELEY, Calif. - Touted as the "most comprehensive showcase of electronic media in the world," NAB 2003 (the National Association of Broadcasters' annual Las Vegas convention) will serve as the launching pad for the Apple Pro Training Series - a new series of digital media training titles certified by Apple Computer and published by Peachpit Press (a Pearson Education business, NYSE: PSO) with help from some of the biggest names working and teaching in the audio and video industries today.

Each of the initial titles in the new Apple Pro Training Series focuses on one of the powerhouse digital audio or video apps that Apple plans to showcase at April's NAB event: Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Logic, and Shake. Whether newly released, newly updated, or newly acquired (as in the case of Logic and Shake), each of these programs represents a crucial component of any serious digital-media toolbox. And because serious tools deserve serious training, Apple is introducing a new certification program centered around these programs that use the Apple Pro Training Series titles as the curriculum.

Each chapter of these hands-on guides represents a complete lesson in some aspect of the software covered?with a project to complete, a review section, and exercises to reinforce the lessons. An accompanying DVD includes lesson files and, for select titles, free trial versions of the software under discussion. Whether used as a self-paced learning tool or as the approved course material for third party Apple-certified instruction, these guides will prepare all who read them to learn the software as well as to take (and pass!) Apple's certification exams.

For additional information about the books and a first glimpse at the products they cover, you can download Peachpit's Apple Pro Training Series booklet (which is being distributed at NAB) at Highlights  of the individual books follows:

Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Express (ISBN: 0-321-20039-X, $44.99) . Even complete editing novices will be able to create high-quality videos with Apple's new consumer-level editing program after completing this course in a book from master trainer Diana Weynand. Available April 2003.

Apple Pro Training Series: Logic 6 (ISBN: 0-321-20040-3, $44.99) . Whether users are looking to use Logic to digitize musical compositions or create cost-effective 5.1 surround soundtracks, this training book by veteran audio producers Martin Sitter and Robert Brock will show them how. The companion DVD includes all of the project files used in the book as well as a free trial version of Logic. Available May 2003.

Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 4 (ISBN: 0-321-18649-4, $44.99) . In this comprehensive course, author Diana Weynand provides training in the professional editor's tool of choice, including complete coverage of all Final Cut Pro 4's new features: real-time color correction and effects, trimming and timeline improvements, and more. Available June 2003.

Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Finishing Techniques in Final Cut Pro 4 (ISBN: 0-321-19726-7, $44.99) . This new title is targeted towards experienced filmmakers who want to skip over the Final Cut Pro basics and get right to the advanced techniques that interest them most: using mattes and filter effects, creating different "film looks," working with video scopes, and more. Written by noted documentary producer Ramy Katrib and his post-production and training company, DigitalFilm Tree. Available June 2003.

Apple Pro Training Series: Shake 3 (ISBN: 0-321-19725-9, $44.99) . Providing the first-ever comprehensive instruction for Apple's popular high-end compositing and visual effects tool, Hollywood effects wizard Marco Paolini transforms readers into one of the most in-demand professionals in Hollywood: trained Shake artists. Available June 2003.

Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 2 (ISBN: 0-321-18652-4, $44.99) . This course book covers everything from storyboarding and encoding audio to building, formatting, and burning the DVD. Recording master Adrian Ramseier offers everything you need to get up and running with DVD Studio Pro 2. Available June 2003.


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