New white paper finds that technology-based student information systems are essential if schools hope to reach NCLB reporting goals

Systems Such as Pearson's SASIxp Provide Information Repositories for All Key Data Points

MESA, Ariz. - A new report titled, "Building Success One Student at a Time: Leveraging Technology to Meet and Exceed NCLB and AYP Requirements," has found that the tools provided by sophisticated, technology-based student information systems will play a key role in turning vast amounts of raw data into usable knowledge for managing and guiding the education process as required by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

Written by James F. Parsley, Ph.D., retired superintendent of Vancouver (Wash.) Public Schools and National Superintendent in Residence for the American Association of School Administrators, the paper explores the importance of comprehensive student information management and how these systems represent the foundation upon which the next generation of preK-12 education technologies will be built.

In his paper, Dr. Parsley discusses how advances in data management technologies not only provide the tools needed to meet today's stringent accountability demands - including the reporting mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act - but also provide access to critical information to shape daily instructional practice and advance the potential for learning and achievement. Examples cited include the SASIxpä student information system from Pearson Digital Learning, one of the most widely used student administrative systems in K-12 education. SASIxp provides administrators and educators with one-stop access to student demographics, attendance, schedules, discipline, grades, extended test histories, state reporting codes and more, thereby helping to meet the need for reporting large and complex sets of information.

The premise of the paper is that all of this information translates into better education for all students through more efficient school management and individualized learning opportunities.

"We have groundbreaking scientific knowledge about the learning process, but schools are restrained by the multiple obstacles of shrinking financial resources, mounting social pressure, students' personal learning barriers and an unprecedented explosion of information," he said. "Fortunately, the education industry is beginning to focus on how to manage learning with technology rather than simply managing technology."

In his paper, Dr. Parsley posits that student information is the foundation upon which the future success of both educators and education technology providers alike will depend. He discusses what educators should look for when selecting a student information system and the importance of partnering with a technology company that understands and shares their vision for the future.

Educators may request a free copy of the paper on Pearson Digital Learning's Web site,

Thomas R. Hagley, Jr., director of partnerships and public involvement for Vancouver Public Schools, contributed to "Building Success One Student at a Time: Leveraging Technology to Meet and Exceed NCLB and AYP Requirements."

About James F. Parsley, Ph.D.

Currently the lead consultant at Parsley & Associates, LLC, Dr. Parsley works with educational and corporate clients in the United States and Canada. Previously, he was superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools in Washington State where he implemented innovative programs such as a fiber optic infrastructure linking more than 1,200 classrooms and 8,000 computers with external communities. During his career, he has also served as a classroom teacher, a university professor, and a college administrator. In 2002, he received a "Community Builder Award" from the National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training.

Dr. Parsley consults with Hewlett-Packard Company in the development of its Cooltown @ School initiative and serves as National Superintendent in Residence for the American Association of School Administrators. In February 2003, he received the Distinguished Service Award from that organization for his professional achievements

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Working side by side with educators for over 40 years, Pearson Digital Learning is the leader in proven, comprehensive technologies for preK-12 education. Our mission is to provide innovative, research-based digital learning solutions that elevate the art and science of teaching, and inspire students to reach their greatest potential. Reaching more than 20 million learners annually, our products include the SuccessMaker® Enterprise and NovaNET® educational courseware, KnowledgeBox® digital learning system, Concert? Instruction & Assessment, and SASIxp? student information system. Pearson Digital Learning is also the exclusive distributor for the Waterford Early Reading Program? and Waterford Early Math & Science?, adaptive computer-based instruction developed by the Waterford Institute.

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