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Scottsdale, AZ - Although students may not appreciate it when struggling to figure out a particular equation, algebra is critical to their success in school and beyond. Inability to pass Algebra I is the primary reason that students do not graduate from high school.  Most four-year colleges require algebra proficiency in applicants.  Further, many trade professions require a working knowledge of algebra for day-to-day tasks, such as calculating the amount of electrical wiring needed for a project.

To help every student succeed in algebra - and reach graduation - Pearson Digital Learning introduces NovaNET Version 13.0, featuring a new full-year Algebra I course. The NovaNET summer 2006 release, which will be introduced at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in San Diego this week, is the latest version of the award-winning online courseware system for middle school, high school and adult learners.

Algebra I

The new two-semester Algebra I course is composed of 126 multimedia lessons, that are part of a redesigned scope and sequence based on and aligned to the Prentice Hall Algebra I textbook (copyright 2004 by Pearson Education).  The course also aligns to the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

In each module, the lessons teach mathematical concepts within the context of real-world applications to help students connect mathematical ideas and concepts to familiar situations, and strengthen students? understanding and ability to reason. In addition, the course's multimedia features provide students with ample opportunities to interact with a variety of tools, such as plotting tools, while interactive practices offer multiple representations of mathematical concepts in diagrams, tables and graphs.

"With the content provided in the new Algebra I course, students should be well prepared to pass their state high stakes exams," said Peggy Kinder, vice president of education for Pearson Digital Learning. "The course?s scope and sequence are aligned to state and national standards. It features more multimedia elements, such as animations, graphical simulations and digital video, to enhance our instructional methodologies. In addition, it features embedded remediation to provide additional support for students. If a student does not grasp a concept and answer practice questions correctly, a review screen will automatically be presented to walk the student through the solution step-by-step to strengthen their understanding."

"Since we began using the NovaNET system for credit recovery at Pueblo School District 60 we have re-engaged and graduated approximately a hundred students who had given up on school and themselves.  The self-paced multimedia lessons address a wide variety of learning styles, and nowhere is that more important than in difficult-to-grasp courses such as Algebra, said John Brainard, director of mathematics, data and assessment at Pueblo.  "We are very excited to implement NovaNET v13.0 in the coming school year, because we know the addition of the Algebra I course will help many students overcome previous difficulties, recover credits, and continue on to newfound successes."

World History

The NovaNET July 2006 release also includes a new World History lesson, Modern Conflicts, to complement its full-semester World History course.  The new lesson, added to World History B, describes the causes and effects of four different types of conflict in today's world: ethnic, religious, political and economic. Examples of each type of conflict are provided in the discussion of key areas of conflict throughout the world.  Topics covered include: the Persian Gulf War, Northern Ireland, Kashmir, the rise of terrorism, and the events of September 11, 2001.

As with all NovaNET lessons, the new algebra and world history lessons are aligned with state and national standards. The lessons provide students with immediate feedback specific to the activity and student response to reinforce key learning concepts, provide enrichment and motivate students as they progress through the course.

This NovaNET release, consisting of three CDs and support materials, will be shipped at no additional charge to all current NovaNET subscribers this month. Customers may deploy the new lessons, as well as the entire NovaNET library of multimedia lessons, from the CDs or from Pearson Digital Learning?s Community Connection support website.

About the NovaNET System

The NovaNET system delivers the most comprehensive, interactive and engaging online curriculum, testing, assessment, student management, and record-keeping, designed specifically for middle and high school learners. The NovaNET system's thousands of hours of basic skills, middle and high school English, mathematics, science, social studies, electives, GED preparation, SAT/ACT preparation, life skills, school-to-work, and post-secondary curriculum and assessment programs are aligned to national and state standards. Continuously upgraded and enhanced, it continues to evolve to incorporate the latest technology and meet the changing needs of education.

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