Penguin author William Cope Moyers' memoir Broken

William Cope Moyers' Broken serialised in People Magazine

William Cope Moyers' BrokenIn the current issue of People magazine, a first serial excerpt appears from William Cope Moyers' new memoir, Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption. The gorgeous three-page spread chronicles Moyers' long road from addiction to recovery along with family photos from his own childhood growing up with father/television journalist Bill Moyers and mother Judith to the present day with his own family.

Broken, which goes on-sale September 25th from Viking, is a vivid chronicle of William Cope Moyers' life beginning with his privileged upbringing in a loving home to his first experiences with marijuana and alcohol as a teenager, his arrest for burglary while in a drunken stupor in college, his descent into crack cocaine addiction, his experiences on a psych ward and various treatment centers, his multiple relapses and, finally, the day his father, Bill Moyers, found him near death on the floor of an Atlanta crack house. Broken offers a remarkable window into the world of addiction and recovery, revealing a life of incredible complexity, pain, triumph, and joy.

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