Penguin's "climate-neutral" Rough Guide to Climate Change

The Rough Guide to Climate Change

The Rough Guide to Climate

'a stunningly good and much-needed book' James Lovelock

The Rough Guide to Climate Change is a complete, unbiased guide to one of the most pressing problems facing humanity. From the current situation and background science to the government sceptics and possible solutions, this book covers the whole subject. The guide looks at:

Visible symptoms of change from a warming planet
How global warming works
The evolution of our atmosphere over the last 4.5 billion years
What computer simulations of climate reveal about our past, present, and future
The sceptics: Who are they? What are their grounds for disagreeing with the crowd?
Battle of the titans: The oil industry vs. the global commons
Global warming in the media: A review of the last few decades
Global solutions: What governments and scientists are doing to try and solve the problem

Plus much, more.

The guide also includes lifestyle advice and tips for consumers who want to make a difference in tomorrow's climate, and comes complete with a glossary of websites for further information.

This Rough Guide is a "climate neutral" book; emissions created by every aspect of the book's production have been offset by at Rough Guides' expense.

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