Pearson Education joins the Wiki Revolution

Pearson Education joins the Wiki Revolution

We Are Smarter Than Me

Wikis, websites that allows visitors to edit content, are becoming increasingly popular forms of online collaboration. Wharton School Publishing (an imprint of Pearson Education), borrowing a virtual page from Wikipedia, the popular, free online encyclopedia, is joining the digital revolution with We Are Smarter Than Me, the first community-driven "networked" book on best business practices.

The central premise of We Are Smarter Than Me is that large groups of people ("We") can, and should, take responsibility for traditional business functions that are currently performed by companies, industries and experts ("Me").

Working with the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton is inviting more than a million business professionals and scholars collectively to write the book, which will examine how Web 2.0 technologies such as social networks, wikis, and blogs can benefit the business enterprise.

Contributing authors will provide real examples of companies that are trying to harness the power of communities. We Are Smarter Than Me will explore why certain approaches have worked while others have not, and suggest best practices for companies to follow to make more effective use of collaboration. The book will encourage contributors to offer their thoughts on such areas as community-based market research, selling items on eBay or similar sites, and raising capital via the Internet.

A draft of the manuscript, and the book authors' key findings, will be presented at Community 2.0, a conference scheduled for March 2007 in Las Vegas. In the fall of 2007, We Are Smarter Than Me is expected to be published in book form by Wharton School Publishing, even as the online community continues to create and update new content for the book on the website. All contributors will be credited.

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