Over 80,000 students expected to get exam results online with Edexcel's ResultsPlus

Over 80,000 students expected to get exam results online with Edexcel's ResultsPlus


The days of exam results pinned to a notice board and envelopes being torn open in the school grounds could soon be a thing of the past. This month more than 80,000 students in the UK are set to receive their GCSE and A-level results online with Edexcel's new ResultsPlus service.  ResultsPlus allows students to see their overall grade for every Edexcel exam on screen through a secure log in process, along with a Gradeometer which represents graphically how close they are to the nearest grade boundary.  It also provides links to useful sources of information and support from Edexcel's student-dedicated website, Examzone. (http://www.examzone.co.uk)

On Thursday 16 August, over 50,000 students logged on to see their A-level results, with 10,000 logging on as soon as the online service opened at 6am.  The Guardian's website ran a blog to monitor progress and one student wrote about her positive experience of being one of the first to get her results online: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk

ResultsPlus allows head teachers to compare their school or college's results against the national average, compare results by type of centre, sort results by teaching group or gender and make detailed observations about students' performance in just a few clicks. Analysis will show how students have performed in each subject, providing question-by-question level detail at both class and individual student level. 

Chris Montacute, Head Teacher at Wootton Bassett School, Swindon said: "This service ensures results are fast, informative and a tool for ongoing learning. Results Plus will help raise achievement in our school, helping students understand where they need to improve." Hear more from Chris and fellow teachers describing life before and after ResultsPlus in this video: http://resultsplus.edexcel.org.uk/home/