NAA contracts Edexcel to provide additional resources to support national curriculum test reviews

The National Assessment Agency (NAA) has contracted Edexcel to provide additional back office support to complete the reviews for this year's national curriculum tests. NAA took over the management of the reviews process from ETS Europe in July and has already been considering reviews requests received before the end of the summer term.

Markers undertaking reviews will have contracts directly with NAA. Senior members of NAA will work with markers throughout the review process, to ensure that strict quality standards are achieved. Edexcel will support the NAA by providing logistical and process management capacity and data entry facilities to ensure all reviews are concluded as quickly as possible and accurate outcomes returned to schools.

David Gee, Managing Director NAA, said: "Following the delays and data entry problems experienced earlier this year, it is vital that the reviews process is robust, effective and retains the confidence of schools in the outcomes of the tests. I am pleased that Edexcel are assisting us in this work. The quality measures put in place this year gave a greater number of checks on markers' adherence to the mark scheme. However, if schools have evidence that the mark scheme has been misapplied, they should apply for a review, and the NAA will ensure the application is properly evaluated and, where necessary, scripts remarked."

Jerry Jarvis, Managing Director Edexcel, added: "Many thousands of students have worked exceptionally hard towards their key stage tests. It is crucial that teachers, and students and their parents, have faith in the outcomes of students' work. At Edexcel, we are very proud to have successfully run the national curriculum test contract on behalf of the NAA from 2004 to 2007. We are pleased to be able to assist NAA by applying the management, logistical and systems expertise and resources of our organisation to ensure that pupils get the results they deserve this year."

Notes to editors

  1. Throughout the marking period, ETS checked markers to ensure they met the national standard. However, if a school believes it has evidence that a misapplication of the mark scheme has resulted in a pupil being awarded an incorrect level, a review should be requested.
  2. Schools who wish to request a review should follow the published information at
  3. The review process applies to tests at the end of key stages 2 and 3.
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