If H1N1 disrupts school, Pearson's 'Continuity of Learning' resources keep the doors to learning open

Response to Secretary of Education's Call to Help Students During Absences

WASHINGTON, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The education services, technology and school solutions company Pearson today announced its www.PearsonContinuity.com website offering print and online resources for students, parents, and teachers to continue education if attending school is not an option due to the H1N1 virus or other crisis.

Pearson's School Solutions president Scott Drossos said, "We've created the www.PearsonContinuity.com website as a central repository where parents, students, and teachers can have access to our dedicated Pearson solutions and tools, and be able to easily link to numerous other resources." He added, "Pearson products and services are in almost every US school, and we have created additional offerings for everyone to assist them during this time of crisis."

Drossos said Pearson's Continuity of Learning solutions include the company's data management systems, digital and print-based educational content, and additional teacher, parent, and student support resources.

The Pearson "Continuity for Learning" offerings include:

Educational Content and Reinforcement of Learning

  • Virtual learning - Pearson's MyLabsPlus online teaching and learning environment will offer at a nominal cost ($15 per student per course for 30 days) access to middle and high school courses in Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Algebra Readiness, Reading and Writing. These courses are currently used by millions of students worldwide and include easy-to-use homework and personalized study plans, guided solutions, multimedia learning aids, quizzes and tests. The MyLabsPlus Technical Support Helpdesk will provide 24/7 phone, email, and chat support for students and instructors working in their courses.
  • The Pearson offerings include free access for all K-12 students to numerous online websites through its Family Education Network, the most widely viewed education site on the worldwide web:
    • www.Funbrain.com is a popular online destination for interactive, educational games for children of all ages. Engaging arcade-style and Flash games help build skills while making learning fun.
    • www.Poptropica.com is a virtual world for children to travel, play games, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely. Kids can also read books, comics, and see movie clips while they play.
    • www.Infoplease.com provides an online encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas, as well as an almanac with up-to-date country and state profiles, statistics, quizzes, and biographies.
    • www.Factmonster.com combines reference materials, facts, and trivia quizzes for children on all subjects. Parents, educators, and kids can get homework help and access almanacs, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas.
  • ebooks - Students learning with Pearson's reading, literature, math, science, social studies and other programs will have home access to Pearson SuccessNET's online versions of the texts from home, with built in assessments, multimedia, and other features that make them suitable for a self-study environment.
  • Schools whose middle and high school students are using the NovaNET self-paced curriculum as a core curriculum or for credit recovery will have the option of adding additional access at a reduced cost in 30-day increments rather than the yearly fee.
  • Pearson's "Knowledge Power" Take Home Learning Kits, available for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8, provide supplemental learning materials in the event that students must spend time away from school.. Schools or parents may choose to purchase the standalone mathematics and language arts Knowledge Power workbook for $7 --and have the option of purchasing additional science and social studies readers from the Pearson library.

Communication and Collaboration Tools: School Information Systems

  • For the 40 percent of school districts nationwide currently using a Pearson student management system, Pearson has developed solutions that allow educators to make timely data-driven decisions in the face of an emerging crisis or threat. These systems provide essential district-wide communication, data collection and reporting, and accurate student tracking capabilities, plus enable collaborative school-to-home outreach. Parents and students can access school and class announcements, homework assignment details, and teacher comments.
  • Pearson Schools Systems will offer "best practice" webinars to current customers to help them configure and optimize their student information systems and data management procedures to effectively address disruptions to normal district or school business (e.g. increased student absenteeism, school closures, or modified instructional schedules).

Teacher Resources

  • For the hundreds of thousands of teachers currently using a Pearson program in their classroom, they have access to:
    • MyPearsonTraining website, providing online tutorials and webinars aligned to Pearson's texts and educational programs for preK through High School (Scott Foresman and Prentice Hall) including math, science, social studies and humanities, reading, literature, and language arts.
    • Pearson's Community Connection product support and webinars for digital programs, including: NovaNET, Waterford Early Reading and Math, SuccessMaker, ELLIS and Write to Learn. Training guides for all products are available for download.
  • For teachers everywhere, Pearson's Family Education Network offers:
    • TeacherVision.com, the one-stop teacher resource for grade-specific lesson plans, classroom-management advice, student activities, educational printables, graphic organizers, and more, is available at no cost for a seven-day period.
    • MyGradeBook.com, a fast and effective way to track grades online and enhance communication between teachers, students, and parents--while keeping teachers organized, is available free for 30 days.

Through the Pearson Foundation, Pearson has a history of assisting in providing large-scale disaster help to schools and communities, most notably in recent years through its ongoing response to Hurricane Katrina victims, to other hurricane disasters affecting the Southeast and Gulf Coast, and to victims of the Iowa floods. Globally, Pearson has provided support to victims of the devastating hurricanes in Myanmar, the earthquakes in Northern China, Pakistan and India, as well as the South Asian tsunami.

In announcing the Department of Education's Continuity of Learning initiative in August, Secretary Arne Duncan acknowledged Pearson as one of the Department's partners for "Continuity of Learning" due to the H1N1 virus or other crisis situations.

For more information on Pearson's Continuity of Learning offerings, go to www.PearsonContinuity.com

About Pearson

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