Behind bars: Martin Lukes returns to the FT

Martin Lukes, iconic leader, trendsetter, multiple award winner and former CEO of Atlanta-based a-b glöbâl, has returned to the FT with a new weekly print and online column.

Lukes, co-author of Martin Lukes: Who Moved my BlackBerry?, has spent the last two years in jail after being sentenced for insider trading in December 2007, and will correspond through his wife, Sherril, until his release which is expected in January 2010.

Lukes commented: “I am humbled to have this opportunity to continue my career in the ‘literary world’ by sharing with fans my deeply private philosophies and a profound journey of personal development in the last couple of years. Being ‘on the inside’ allows plenty of time for blue-sky thinking, and I am certain I will have more Creovation than ever to offer the FT.”

Lukes has won countless awards, including ‘BT Outstanding Individual Contribution to Work Life Balance 2004’ (runner up), and ‘Best Change of DNA in Outsourced Space 2003’ (Sponsored by Hyatt Regency).

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