Pearson UK creates new school improvement business

Pearson UK today announces the establishment of a new school improvement business.

The business will be led by Anders Hultin, who will join Pearson from September 2010 as Managing Director of School Improvement.  Mr Hultin has nearly twenty years of experience in education.  He co-founded the Kunskapsskolan chain of independent schools in Sweden and was its chief executive from 1999 to 2007.

Pearson’s school improvement business will work with schools to help them structure teaching; improve strategic planning and administration; offer teacher training and professional development; and adapt learning for individual pupils.

Rod Bristow, President of Pearson UK, said:

“School leaders and teachers are always looking for new ways to improve what they do, to meet the high expectations of parents and pupils. The new Government’s reforms will give schools more opportunity to tailor their approach to their communities and to individual pupils.

"Pearson has a long history of working with teachers to give pupils the best possible education. Our rich heritage in publishing and assessment, and our international reach and expertise in technology means that we are well-placed to support schools as they seek to improve what they offer.

“Historically we’ve offered resources and services that support individual teachers but are increasingly being asked for whole school solutions. This might include not only helping with the administration, accounting and school management, but also providing an entire framework for school operations. By improving our educational offering to schools and teachers we hope to enable teachers to spend more time focussing on teaching and learning.

“That’s why we are creating a new school improvement business, which will build on our existing relationships with a number of academies and invest more in bespoke school-wide support. I am delighted that we have recruited an expert of Anders’s experience and stature to lead our school improvement work.”

Anders Hultin said:

“Great school leaders and great teachers working collaboratively is the most important factor in successful schools. However in our increasingly competitive world even the best teachers and school leaders need help to find out about and take advantage of the very best practice in teaching and learning and the very best resources, tools and technology.

“If we can create services for schools that help them structure teaching, free up teacher time, avoid bureaucratic burdens, and use data in more personalised ways for pupils, then that will ultimately be of real benefit to teachers and pupils.

“I hope that my experience working with a range of successful schools in Sweden, combined with Pearson’s international expertise and long heritage of working with teachers can help all types of schools in the UK to focus what they do on achieving better educational outcomes for young people”


For media enquiries, please contact:

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