Pearson announces new Managing Director for Brazil

Pearson today announces Giovanni Giovannelli as new Managing Director for Brazil.

Giovannelli joined the board of Grupo Multi, Brazil’s leading English language learning business, two years ago, was CEO from September 2012, and last year led the process which culminated in Pearson acquiring Multi in December.

Prior to Multi, Giovanni held CEO positions in Brazil across a number of sectors, including the mining, energy and HR services industries, and began his career with the Inter-American Development Bank.

Giovanni earned his undergraduate degree in Italy’s leading business school, Bocconi University, and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the American University in Washington.

President of Pearson’s Growth Markets Tamara Minick Scokalo said:

“Pearson has a long history of supporting education in Brazil, from founding our English Language Teaching business, to our acquisition of four sistema brands in 2010, to expanding our digital, clinical assessment and Wall Street offerings in recent years.  Last year, we acquired Multi, significantly expanding our expertise and bringing us into contact with 800,000 English learners.  

"I am personally very pleased that we’ve found a strong talented leader to take us on the next stage of our growth journey in Brazil.  I know that Giovanni will continue to build and grow Pearson's presence across the full spectrum of learning in Brazil.”

Giovanni Giovannelli said:

“I am honored and excited to join Pearson as the Managing Director for Brazil at such an important moment.

“Brazil is a very important part of Pearson, with huge investments like the acquisition of Multi Group, and with great examples of the power of digital transformation. Our business in Brazil is very much aligned with Pearson's global strategy, and all our efforts are focused on efficacy to improve learning outcomes for students around the world.”

Brazil is one of Pearson's growth markets, and is a key part of Pearson’s global education strategy. Pearson employs over 1,800 people in Brazil.

Since 2010, Pearson has made successive strategic investments in Brazil, such as the acquisition of four Sistema brands – COC, Dom Bosco, Pueri Domus and NAME – which together reach 500,000 learners; of Casa do Psicólogo, focused on clinical assessment, and of Multi Group in December 2013 – adding 800,000 learners.


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