Pearson invites proposals on how best to report educational outcomes

Today Pearson (, the world’s leading learning company, announces a new milestone in its aim to improve learner outcomes. Academic researchers and consultancies are invited to support the design and development of Pearson’s efficacy report by submitting a response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).

Pearson has committed to measuring and reporting the impact on learners of all its products and services by 2018, and will consolidate these results in a report alongside its financial results. The efficacy report will not only give transparency on the effectiveness of Pearson’s products and services, but will also provide the data insights needed to improve product development and ensure the best possible educational outcomes for those who use them.

Pearson hope that the education community will see this as an important step; this is the first time a global education provider has put in place  a consistent framework and set of evidence on this scale to demonstrate successful learner outcomes. International experts in teaching, learning and development, non-financial assurance, econometrics, data analytics and data protection will have the opportunity to shape this critical efficacy report. Pearson believes that this collaboration is essential if the report is to stand up to external scrutiny, initially by auditors and academics; but ultimately by educators, parents and learners.

John Fallon, Pearson’s chief executive, said:

"As a society, we now have the capacity to provide better educational opportunities for far more of our fellow citizens. It requires us to focus much more on the efficacy of education and measure progress in terms of the learner outcomes we actually achieve. That's why we are committed to reporting publicly on the efficacy of our own products and services by 2018.

This is a major undertaking and we look forward to working with the brightest minds in education and the wider world to help us develop our efficacy reporting. I'm sure that their expertise will help us achieve this powerful goal we share with educators of improving learning outcomes for more people around the world."

Organisations can access the RFP and instructions for submission at