Update on Ransomware attacks


You may have seen recent media coverage about a ransomware attack that took place last week which affected many hospitals and businesses around the globe. We'd like to reassure you that at this point we have not seen any instances of compromise or impact for Pearson as a result of the ‘WannaCry’ attack. However, the threat is ongoing for all organisations and we remain on high alert for mutations to the original malware.

Pearson security and technical operations teams continue to work diligently to safeguard Pearson customer and sensitive data, and preserve the positive customer experience that you’ve come to expect from us.

Specific actions we are taking to mitigate against this threat

Our security and technical operations teams are working hard to ensure that all possible protections have been put in place to secure the Pearson network and your information, and protect against new variations of the malware.

  • We are updating our critical systems with the most up-to-date patches that seek to prevent issues or breaches
  • We are filtering certain types of attachments in email as a precaution
  • We’re asking that all of our employees continue their increased vigilance and to report any suspicious activities or behaviors on their systems or devices.


For more information


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