In the spotlight: Leslie Christensen

If you can make students work on a Saturday, you must be a special kind of teacher. Yes, that is right. Leslie Christensen, our very first ‘lecturer in the spotlight’, has successfully set up so called ‘Study Cafe’s’ that are run on Saturday’s by students themselves. His unique and accessible approach has made him famous among his 1400+ students.

Leslie is a senior professor at Copenhagen Business School at the Department of Economics. He has recently bagged himself a DSEB (Danish Society for Economics and Business) prize for extraordinary contributions to program development and teaching through courses which are innovative in their educational approach, organization, and realization which emphasize the students’ learning processes.

Let’s learn more about Leslie and his ideologies. 

What does Education mean to you?

Education gives students competencies so they can go through a professional and meaningful life far longer than the generations before them.

What inspires you in your profession?

It is a great opportunity to prepare my students for the expectations and challenges they will face in the coming decade and in the more distant future.

Also, developing innovative educational technologies for students. However, if they are not managed and used effectively all these new technologies can be a passive medium that yields limited educational benefits – that’s a big challenge!

What is key in engaging your students?

New technology. This helps students understand concepts better and faster – before, during and after class.

What do you think education will look like in 2025?
  • I will have blended teaching in 80% of my courses and give much more feedback to the students. 
  • In addition, I will have very few (expensive) written exams.
  • I will have a significant increase in experiential courses.
  • I will use many more tools in combination with differentiated learning – one size training fits only a few, each person learns differently!
Your biggest professional achievement till date?

I have worked with digital learning platforms for many years and in many aspects. I have succeeded in achieving digital transformation by incorporating digital tools into my teaching.

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