Revel Reveals New Ways to Support Student Learning in the Digital Age

Pearson  |  July 12, 2023 in Meaningful Outcomes

The problem

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (PHCC) enrolls about 2,400 students each year, evenly split between traditional college students and high school students participating in a dual enrollment program. 

Daniella Cope, a psychology professor and program coordinator at PHCC, saw that her students were struggling. They needed help accessing essential course materials on time, sometimes due to financial difficulties, causing them to fall behind and lose momentum with their learning. PHCC, due to its smaller size, couldn’t provide tutoring support for the students who fell behind, which compounded the problem.

Daniella and her colleagues needed a learning resource that would give students instant access to their course materials and the reinforcements they needed to take charge of their learning experiences.

The solution 

Daniella knew where to go to find the solution to her problem. When she learned that Revel materials they needed on day one via an Inclusive Access program, she was convinced to make the switch from MyLab Psychology to Revel.