One Young World Academy - Play a Positive Role During Conflict and in Peacebuilding
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In this course, you will

  • Identify an opportunity
    Identify an area in your business to play a more positive role during conflict and in peacebuilding as well as develop that plan with the support of your project advisor.
  • Learn from experts
    Hear from Bill Browder, Founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management and Fatou Bensouda, former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and Gambian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
  • Use the right methods
    Gain a clear understanding of conflict and peacebuilding and apply a range of templates and toolkits to your guided project.
  • Develop relevant skills
    Develop and improve a selection of key skills relevant to change activism in your organization.

5 steps to success

16-20 hours over 6+ weeks

Help is always available

Project advisor support

Invaluable insider insights from your project advisor.

Up to 3 hours of 1-2-1 support.

Guides & resources

Switch on to our online library to access authentic case studies, proven business models, and practice scenarios that will help you test and deliver your plan.

Up to 4 hours of content.

Power skills you will develop

Collaboration icon


Incorporate the ideas, needs, and priorities of stakeholders to identify a plan of action that represents a win-win for everyone.

Communication icon


Make a compelling case for your plan using what you know about your stakeholders’ needs and priorities. Communicate your project plan appropriately, tailoring what and how you share information with your organization.

Critical thinking icon

Critical thinking

Collect evidence about your organization’s current approach to playing a positive role during conflict and in peacebuilding. Gather information on the resources your organization can offer you for your project. Describe how you will evaluate the success of your plan of action.

Problem solving icon

Problem solving

Identify and explore the problem of how your organization could organization could play a positive role during conflict and in peacebuilding. Develop a well-researched plan to help your organization to play a positive role during conflict and in peacekeeping.

Social responsibility icon

Social responsibility

Describe why it is important to play a positive role during conflict and in peacebuilding and identify what personally motivates you to do that. Create a project plan that has measurable outcomes for playing a positive role during conflict and in peacebuilding.

On completion you will have

Discovered ways to play a role in peacebuilding

Demonstrated live project experience around a key opportunity in your business that improves conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Transferable skills to use across your business

Gained proficiency in critical skills fundamental to change activism that supports your career development.

Resources you can turn to again and again

A structured business plan with templates that you can download and use in future projects.

Credly badge

A Credly badge that certifies your competence in resolving conflict and peacebuilding.

Want to get up to speed on how to play a positive role during conflict and in peacebuilding?

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