Biology: Life on Earth, 12th edition

  • Gerald Audesirk, 
  • Teresa Audesirk, 
  • Bruce E. Byers

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Biology: Life on Earth fosters lifelong discovery and scientific understanding, for biology majors and non-majors alike.

Published by Pearson (September 15th 2020) - Copyright © 2020

ISBN-13: 9780135755860

Subject: Biology

Category: Introductory Biology

Table of contents

Biology Life on Earth, 12th Edition includes Chapters 1-31. Biology Life on Earth with Physiology, 12th Edition includes Chapters 1-46.

1. An Introduction to Life on Earth
UNIT 1: The Life of the Cell
2. Atoms, Molecules, and Life
3. Biological Molecules
4. Cell Structure and Function
5. Cell Membrane Structure and Function
6. Energy Flow in the Life of a Cell
7. Capturing Solar Energy: Photosynthesis
8. Harvesting Energy: Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration

UNIT 2: Inheritance
9. Cellular Reproduction
10. Meiosis: The Basis of Sexual Reproduction
11. Patterns of Inheritance
12. DNA: The Molecule of Heredity
13. Gene Expression and Regulation
14. Biotechnology

UNIT 3: Evolution and Diversity of Life
15. Principles of Evolution
16. How Populations Evolve
17. The Origin of Species
18. The History of Life
19. Systematics: Seeking Order Amid Diversity
20. The Diversity of Prokaryotes and Viruses
21. The Diversity of Protists
22. The Diversity of Plants
23. The Diversity of Fungi
24. Animal Diversity I: Invertebrates
25. Animal Diversity II: Vertebrates

UNIT 4: Behavior and Ecology
26. Animal Behavior
27. Population Growth and Regulation
28. Community Interactions
29. Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling in Ecosystems
30. Earth's Diverse Ecosystems
31. Conserving Earth's Biodiversity

UNIT 5: Animal Anatomy and Physiology
32. Homeostasis and the Organization of the Animal Body
33. Circulation
34. Respiration
35. Nutrition and Digestion
36. The Urinary System
37. Defenses Against Disease
38. Chemical Control of the Animal Body: The Endocrine System
39. The Nervous System
40. The Senses
41. Action and Support: The Muscles and Skeleton
42. Animal Reproduction
43. Animal Development

UNIT 6: Plant Anatomy and Physiology
44. Plant Anatomy and Nutrient Transport
45. Plant Reproduction and Development
46. Plant Responses to the Environment

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