Mathematics for the Trades: A Guided Approach, 11th edition

  • Hal M. Saunders, 
  • Robbie Carman

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Mathematics for the Trades: A Guided Approach equips you with a mathematical foundation for technical and vocational trades, including electrical trades, automotive trades, plumbing, allied health, construction and many more. Concepts are presented entirely within the context of practical on-the-job applications, making the math tangible and relevant. An emphasis on readability ensures that students of all levels will be able to follow the examples. The 11th Edition includes new classroom and support resources and refines content. A new Case Study at the end of each chapter delves into a real-world application, using many of the skills from that chapter to solve an extended problem. Real-life applications are updated, with many new and revised throughout the text.

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2021) - Copyright © 2019

ISBN-13: 9780137400034

Subject: Technical, Trade, & Business Mathematics

Category: Business Math


Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • How to Use This Book
  1. Arithmetic of Whole Numbers
    • Preview
    • 1-1 Reading, Writing, Rounding, and Adding Whole Numbers
    • 1-2 Subtraction of Whole Numbers
    • 1-3 Multiplication of Whole Numbers
    • 1-4 Division of Whole Numbers
    • 1-5 Order of Operations
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
    • Using a Calculator, I: Whole-Number Calculations
  2. Fractions
    • Preview
    • 2-1 Working with Fractions
    • 2-2 Multiplication of Fractions
    • 2-3 Division of Fractions
    • 2-4 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
    • Using a Calculator, II: Fractions
  3. Decimal Numbers
    • Preview
    • 3-1 Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers
    • 3-2 Multiplication and Division of Decimal Numbers
    • 3-3 Decimal Fractions
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
    • Using a Calculator, III: Decimals
  4. Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
    • Preview
    • 4-1 Ratio and Proportion
    • 4-2 Special Applications of Ratio and Proportion
    • 4-3 Introduction to Percent
    • 4-4 Percent Problems
    • 4-5 Special Applications of Percent Calculations
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  5. Measurement
    • Preview
    • 5-1 Working with Measurement Numbers
    • 5-2 U.S. Customary Units and Unit Conversion
    • 5-3 Metric Units
    • 5-4 Metric—U.S. Customary Conversions
    • 5-5 Direct Measurements
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  6. Pre-Algebra
    • Preview
    • 6-1 Addition of Signed Numbers
    • 6-2 Subtraction of Signed Numbers
    • 6-3 Multiplication and Division of Signed Numbers
    • 6-4 Exponents and Square Roots
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  7. Basic Algebra
    • Preview
    • 7-1 Algebraic Language and Formulas
    • 7-2 Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Expressions
    • 7-3 Solving Simple Equations
    • 7-4 Solving Two-Operation Equations
    • 7-5 Solving More Equations and Solving Formulas
    • 7-6 Solving Word Problems
    • 7-7 Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Expressions
    • 7-8 Scientific Notation
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  8. Practical Plane Geometry
    • Preview
    • 8-1 Angle Measurement
    • 8-2 Perimeter of Polygons and Area of Quadrilaterals
    • 8-3 Triangles, Regular Hexagons, and Irregular Polygons
    • 8-4 Circles
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  9. Solid Figures
    • Preview
    • 9-1 Prisms
    • 9-2 Pyramids and Frustums of Pyramids
    • 9-3 Cylinders and Spheres
    • 9-4 Cones and Frustums of Cones
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  10. Triangle Trigonometry
    • Preview
    • 10-1 Angles and Right Triangles
    • 10-2 Trigonometric Ratios
    • 10-3 Solving Right Triangles
    • 10-4 Oblique Triangles
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  11. Intermediate Algebra
    • Preview
    • 11-1 Systems of Equations
    • 11-2 Quadratic Equations
    • Summary
    • Problem Set
  12. Statistics
    • Preview
    • 12-1 Reading and Constructing Graphs
    • 12-2 Measures of Central Tendency
    • 12-3 Measures of Dispersion
    • Summary
    • Problem Set

Answers to Previews

Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems

Protractor, Multiplication Table, and Metric Ruler


Index of Applications


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