Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity, 1st edition

  • William Rothwell, 
  • Denise Kinsey

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  • Introduction
  • Part I: Introducing Linux
  • 1. Distributions and Key Components
  • 2. Working on the Command Line
  • 3. Getting Help
  • 4. Editing Files
  • 5. When Things Go Wrong
  • Part II: User and Group Accounts
  • 6. Managing Group Accounts
  • 7. Managing User Accounts
  • 8. Developing an Account Security Policy
  • Part III: File and Data Storage
  • 9. File Permissions
  • 10. Managing Local Storage
  • 11. Managing Network Storage
  • 12. Developing a Storage Security Policy
  • Part IV: Automation
  • 13. Crontab and at
  • 14. Scripting
  • 15. Common Automation Tasks
  • 16. Developing an Automation Security Policy
  • Part V: Networking
  • 17. Networking Basics
  • 18. Network Configuration
  • 19. Network Service Configuration
  • 20. Connecting to Remote Systems
  • 21. Developing a Network Security Policy
  • Part VI: Process and Log Administration
  • 22. Process Control
  • 23. System Logging
  • 24. Developing a Process and Log Security Policy
  • Part VII: Software Management
  • 25. Red Hat-based Software Management
  • 26. Debian-based Software Management
  • 27. Additional Management Tools
  • 28. System Booting
  • 29. Developing a Software Management Security Policy
  • Part VIII: Security Tasks
  • 30. Footprinting
  • 31. Firewalls
  • 32. Intrusion Detection Systems
  • 33. Additional Security Tasks
  • Appendix A. Resource Guide
  • Glossary

Published by Pearson IT Certification (July 6th 2021) - Copyright © 2019

ISBN-13: 9780137459704

Subject: Operating Systems

Category: Linux & Unix

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