Little, Brown Essential Handbook, The, 9th edition

  • Jane E. Aaron

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The Little, Brown Essential Handbook answers your questions about the writing process, grammar and usage, researching writing, documentation, and writing in different disciplines. Extensive sections on academic writing, research writing, source documentation, and document design support you in all disciplines.

Published by Pearson (July 14th 2021) - Copyright © 2018

ISBN-13: 9780137506088

Subject: Composition

Category: Handbooks

Table of contents

Brief Contents

Part 1: Writing

  1. Academic writing
  2. The writing situation
  3. The writing processes
  4. Paragraphs
  5. Presenting writing

Part 2: Common Academic Assignments

  1. Critical analysis
  2. Argument
  3. Literary analysis
  4. Informative writing
  5. Oral presentations

Part 3: Effective Sentences

  1. Emphasis
  2. Conciseness
  3. Parallelism
  4. Variety and details
  5. Appropriate words
  6. Exact words

Part 4: Grammatical Sentences

  1. Verb forms
  2. Verb tenses
  3. Verb mood
  4. Verb Voice
  5. Agreement of subject and verb
  6. Pronoun forms
  7. Agreement of pronoun and antecedent
  8. Reference of pronoun to antecedent
  9. Adjectives and adverbs
  10. Misplaced and dangling modifiers
  11. Sentence fragments
  12. Comma splices and fused sentences

Part 5: Punctuation

  1. The comma
  2. The semicolon
  3. The colon
  4. The apostrophe
  5. Quotation marks
  6. End punctuation
  7. Other marks

Part 6: Spelling and Mechanics

  1. Spelling and the hyphen
  2. Capital letters
  3. Italics or Underlining
  4. Abbreviations
  5. Numbers

Part 7: Research and Documentation

  1. Developing a research strategy
  2. Tracking sources
  3. Finding Sources
  4. Evaluating and synthesizing sources
  5. Integrating sources into your text
  6. Avoiding plagiarism
  7. Documenting sources
  8. MLA documentation and format
  9. APA documentation and format
  10. Chicago documentation and format
  11. CSE documentation

Commonly misused words


Answers to selected exercises

Your questions answered

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