Locating and Correcting Reading Difficulties, 10th edition

  • Ward Cockrum, 
  • James L. Shanker

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Locating and Correcting Reading Difficulties gives you the assessment tools and resources needed to monitor and document a child's literacy progress. Organized around reading sub-skills, it gives you instructional strategies and ready-to-use lesson ideas for teaching missing skills.

Published by Pearson (July 14th 2021) - Copyright © 2013

ISBN-13: 9780137617913

Subject: Reading & Literacy

Category: Reading Assessment / Diagnosis / Remediation

Table of contents

How to Use This Book

1. Developing Phonemic Awareness
2. Developing Alphabet Knowledge

3. Developing Sight Vocabulary
4. Developing Phonics Knowledge
5. Developing Structural Analysis
6. Developing Ability to Use Context Clues
7. Developing Dictionary Skills

8. Developing Vocabulary Knowledge
9. Improving Comprehension

10. Developing Reading Fluency
11. Improving Poor Pronunciation
12. Decreasing Omissions
13. Decreasing Repetitions
14. Decreasing Inversions or Reversals
15. Decreasing Insertions
16. Decreasing Substitutions
17. Decreasing Guessing at Words
18. Decreasing Word-by-Word Reading
19. Limiting Incorrect Phrasing
20. Decreasing Voicing, Lip Movements, Finger Pointing, and Head Movements

21. Developing Reading Speed
22. Developing the Ability to Adjust Reading Rate
23. Reading at an Appropriate Rate for Comprehending
24. Developing Skimming and Scanning Ability
25. Developing the Ability to Locate Information
26. Developing Spelling Skill

A-1: Code for Marking in Oral Diagnosis
A-2: Books for Emergent Readers
A-3: Basic Sight Word Sentences
A-4: A Phonics Primer
A-5: Phonogram Lists
A-6: Words for Teaching Short and Long Vowels
A-7: Words, Sentences, and Stories for Teaching Structural Analysis
A-8: Prepositional Phrases
A-9: Prefixes and Suffixes
A-10: Using the Cloze Procedure
A-11: Repeated Readings Chart
A-12: Precision Reading Form and Charts
A-13: Charts for Graphing Words per Minute and Comprehension
A-14: Suggestions for Interviewing Parents of Low Achieving Readers
A-15: The Language Experience Approach


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