Horngren's Accounting, 14th edition

  • Tracie Miller-Nobles, 
  • Brenda Mattison

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Hallmark features of this title

  • Tying It All Together boxes connect key concepts using companies in the chapter openers.
  • Effect on the Accounting Equation illustrations reinforce connections between recording transactions and the effect they have on the accounting equation.
  • Instructor Tips & Tricks mimic the experience of having a teacher walk a student through concepts on the “board”.
  • Common Questions, Answered offers added help with patterns and rules that consistently confuse students.
  • Decision boxes highlight common questions that business owners face. They prompt students to determine a course of action based on concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Things You Should Know boxes provide brief reviews of each learning objective presented in a Q&A format, helping students prepare for exams.

Published by Pearson (March 6th 2024) - Copyright © 2024

ISBN-13: 9780137961245

Subject: Accounting & Taxation

Category: Principles of Accounting

Table of contents


  1. Accounting and the Business Environment
  2. Recording Business Transactions
  3. The Adjusting Process
  4. Completing the Accounting Cycle
  5. Merchandising Operations
  6. Merchandise Inventory
  7. Accounting Information Systems
  8. Internal Control and Cash
  9. Receivables
  10. Plant Assets, Natural Resources, and Intangibles
  11. Current Liabilities and Payroll
  12. Partnerships
  13. Corporations
  14. Long-Term Liabilities
  15. Investments
  16. The Statement of Cash Flows
  17. Financial Statement Analysis


  1. Present Value Tables and Future Value Tables


  1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  2. Job Order Costing
  3. Process Costing
  4. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  5. Master Budgets
  6. Flexible Budgets and Standard Cost Systems
  7. Cost Allocation and Responsibility Accounting
  8. Short-Term Business Decisions
  9. Capital Investment Decisions


  1. Present Value Tables and Future Value Tables
  2. The Statement of Cash Flows
  3. Financial Statement Analysis

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