Educational Psychology: Active Learning Edition, 15th edition

  • Anita Woolfolk, 
  • Ellen L. Usher

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Hallmark features of this title

Learn to connect educational psychology research to classroom practice

  • Point/Counterpoint sections in each chapter present two perspectives on a controversial topic in the field of education.
  • Guidelines appear throughout each chapter, providing concrete applications of theories or principles discussed. Guidelines: Family and Community Partnerships offer specific strategies for involving all families in their children's learning.
  • Reaching Every Student sections offer ideas for assessing, teaching and motivating all students in today's inclusive classrooms.
  • Lessons for Teachers are succinct and usable principles for teaching based on the research presented.
  • Stop and Think activities give students firsthand experience with the concept being discussed.

Published by Pearson (November 6th 2023) - Copyright © 2024

ISBN-13: 9780138124434

Subject: Educational Psychology

Category: Introduction to Educational Psychology

Table of contents


  1. Learning, Teaching, and Educational Psychology
  2. Who Are You? Who Are Your Students? Culture and Diversity


  1. Cognitive Development
  2. The Self, Social, and Moral Development
  3. Learner Differences and Learning Needs
  4. Language Development, Language Diversity, and Immigrant Education


  1. Behavioral Views of Learning
  2. Cognitive Views of Learning
  3. Complex Cognitive Processes
  4. Constructivism and Interactive Learning
  5. Social Cognitive Views of Learning and Motivation
  6. Motivation in Learning and Teaching


  1. Creating Supportive Learning Environments
  2. Teaching Every Student
  3. Classroom Assessment, Grading, and Standardized Testing

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